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Santa Monica College|Enrollment Development|Admissions|Summary of Fees

Summary of Fees


Payment/Postponement Deadlines

  • Summer 2016: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 7pm

  • Fall 2016: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 7pm


Payment Policy

Students will be given the option to pay or postpone their fees by the deadline above.  The fee postponement option will be available to students in Corsair Connect starting on July 13 for Fall 2015. Students not opting to postpone must pay their fees or will be dropped.

  •  Students must have a $0.00 balance or must have postponed their fees, otherwise they will be recursively dropped from unpaid courses for non-payment (“last course in, first course out”). 

  • The College will not automatically drop domestic students for non-payment after July 27 for Fall 2016, but we will drop F1 students for nonpayment after enrolling in classes.

  • Students are responsible to drop themselves from courses. Students who have postponed their fees, or added classes without paying/postponing after July 27 (7 pm) will remain enrolled and a hold will be placed on their account, preventing them from requesting transcripts, enrollment verifications, etc., until the fees are paid.

  • Adding or dropping a class after the published refund deadline noted in student's Corsair Connect account, will result in a full assessment of fees.

  • All fees subject to change.​

  • Fees may be paid through Corsair Connect by Visa or MasterCard, or in person at the Bursar's Office by cash, money order, or cashiers check, or credit card.


SMC Fees for California Residents

​​​Fee Type Fall/Spring Summer/Winter
​Enrollment (per unit) ​$46 ​$4​6
​Upper Division Courses (per unit; in addition to Enrollment fee) ​$84 $84​
​Health ​$19 ​$16
​Associated Student Body (ASB)​
​$19.50 ​$19.50
​ID Card ​$13 ​$13

SMC Fees for California Residents High School Concurrent Enrollment Students

​​​Fee Type Fall/Spring Summer/Winter
​Enrollment (per unit) Waived ​Waived
​Health ​$19 ​$16
​Associated Student Body (ASB)​ ​$19.50 ​$19.50
​ID Card ​$13 ​$13

SMC Fees for Nonresidents

​​​Fee Type Fall/Spring Summer/Winter
​Enrollment ​$46 ​$4​6
​Upper Division Courses (per unit; in addition to Enrollment fee) ​​$84 ​$84​​
​Health ​$19 ​$16
​Associated Student Body (ASB)​ ​$19.50 ​$19.50
​ID Card ​$13 ​$13
​Non-Resident Tuition ​$265 $265​
Capital Outlay Fee​ $24​ ​$24

SMC Fees for International Students (F1/F2-Visa)

​​​Fee Type Fall/Spring Summer/Winter
​Enrollment ​$46 ​$4​6
​Upper Division Courses (per unit; in addition to Enrollment fee) ​$84​ ​$84​
​Health ​$19 ​$16
​Associated Student Body (ASB)​ ​$19.50 ​$19.50
​ID Card ​$13 ​$13
​​Non-Resident Tuition ​$265 $265​
​Capital Outlay Fee​ $24​ ​$24
​Health Insurance (mandatory) ​$600* for one semester and one session plus $200 initial insurance fee, first semester ONLY. ​​ ​

Upper Division Coursework Fee for B.S. in Interaction Design

All students enrolled in graded upper division credit courses in the Interaction Design Bachelor of Science degree at Santa Monica College must pay an additional fee of $84 per unit ($130/unit CA Resident, $419/unit Non-Resident). This added fee will not be covered by the Board of Governors Fee Waiver.

Adult Education classes​

There are no enrollment fees, student service fees, or health fees for classes with section numbers at or above 7000. 


Refunds for eligible classes are automatically processed by the College approximately 45 days after the refund deadline. The College will recover any fees owed from any potential refund or financial aid disbursement.  The College will also automatically transfer any potential refund to any fees owed for the upcoming term. Students withdrawing prior to the refund deadline will receive a 100% refund of enrollment fees (minus a processing charge of $10). Nonresident students must apply for a tuition refund with a Residency Specialist in Admissions & Records. 

Student ID Card Fee

Students in credit classes will pay a fee each semester or session for Student ID card. The fee is optional, but provides access to special benefits such as checking out materials from the Library and riding the Big Blue Bus​ for free (with paid Associated Students membership fee). Contact the Admissions Office or the Bursar's Office at time of enrollment, but no later than 10% of the term, if you do not wish to pay these fees).

Associated Student Body Membership Fee

Students in credit classes pay an optional fee each semester or session for Associated Students Membership support, which provides access to many benefits​. Contact the Admissions Office or the Bursar's Office at time of enrollment, but no later than the second week of the term, if you do not wish to pay the fee.

Health Services Fee

Students taking credit classes on campus will pay a mandatory Health Services fee.  The Health Services fee is mandatory. Services are provided at the HEalth Center and include basic health services performed by a nurse, information, referrals, emergency first aid treatment, and free or reduced-cost immunizations.

Nonresident Tuition Fee

Nonresidents (both international and domestic) must pay the nonresident tuition and capital outlay fees in addition to the state enrollment fee. For details on the fee exception per AB947 (see Residency Information) please click here.  

Material & Supplies Fees

Some classes require additional fees for materials and supplies. Please consult the class schedule to determine whether any additional fees are required.

On-Campus Parking Decal Fee

An on-campus parking decal does NOT guarantee you a parking space. It entitles you to use on-campus student parking areas on a space-available, first-come/first-served basis. Your parking decal is for on-campus parking only—it is NOT a residential (street) parking permit. The parking decal fee is not refundable after the third week of a Fall or Spring Semester and after the second week of a Summer or Winter session.  Students who receive benefits under Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) or a general assistance program should contact the Bursar's Office for a possible parking fee reduction. Parking decals are required to park at SMC’s Main campus. Free satellite-campus-only parking decals are required for the Bundy Campus, AET or the Airport Arts Campus, and parking at these sites is free for students attending classes there.