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Santa Monica College|Enrollment Development|Admissions|Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you've got questions, we've got answers! Check out to find out everything you ever wanted to know about being a student at SMC...well, almost everything.


New Student Orientation (Important Information)

  • Who should take the orientation?  All students who plan to transfer or earn a degree or certificate from SMC should plan on taking the online orientation.  Everyone is encouraged to go through it and can do so as a “guest” at any time.  If a student has been continuously enrolled, they will NOT have to take the new orientation.  If they have missed one major semester (fall or spring), they will need to reapply and will need to take the new orientation as well.  Please note: students will not have to re-do the orientation if they already completed it unless two years has elapsed.
  • If you have completed their orientation and still can’t enroll, ask yourself the following question, “How long did you spend taking the orientation?”  If your answer is anything less than an hour, then you most likely have NOT completed all of the sections necessary.  Log back in and finish the orientation.  Once it’s truly completed, the system automatically generates your enrollment date/time and releases that information to Corsair Connect.  The Admissions Office does not need to be contacted about this process unless you completed the entire orientation and still have an issue.
  • How do I get my enrollment date/time released? Since orientation is a part of the state mandated process, your Fall/Spring enrollment date and time is only released after you complete the Online Orientation.   All sections of the orientation must be completed before your enrollment date can be released.
  • How long should the orientation take? Plan to spend approximately two hours to complete the orientation and advising program.  There is no way to “skip” through the pages and there are questions that need to be answered by the student throughout the different sections to make it a meaningful experience.
  • What if the student is only coming for Summer or Winter term?  You are not required to participate in orientation if you are attending SMC for the Summer/Winter Session only.
  • What if you are not a student yet?  If you have applied for a future term or have not yet applied, you are welcome to preview orientation by signing on as "Guest" this preview will not clear your orientation requirement.
  • What do you need to know to sign on? You must sign on using your assigned Student ID number and password (date of birth), and complete orientation during the orientation period for the term for which you are applying.
  • When/Where can you do the orientation? Online Orientation is available 24 hours daily. Computers are available at our New Student Welcome Center on the main campus for your convenience, or you may use any off-campus computer with Internet access and speakers.  We are located on the 1st floor of the Cayton Center, adjacent to the cafeteria.

How is a student's enrollment priority date determined?

Enrollment Priority Philosophy

Our philosophy is one of student success in that we want to set students up to achieve their goal as efficiently as possible. priority is given to those students who are close to graduation or transfer, while at the same time, ensuring that new students have a schedule that starts them off on the right foot.

Continuing Students:
Calculation of units should include cumulative units completed at SMC + units In-Progress (IP).
Enrollment should be based on units as follows:
a. Special Programs as determined by California State Ed Code
b. 60-30 units completed + IP (in descending order 60-59-58-57....30)
c. 89-61 units completed + IP (in descending order 89-88-87-86...61)
d. 29-1 units completed + IP (in descending order 29-28-27-26...1)
e. 90 units or more completed + IP (in ascending order 90-91-92-93...)

  • High School Concurrent Students do not receive enrollment priority. They enroll after regularly matriculated students. Enrollment date assigned to High School Students will be approximately 3-4 weeks before the term begins.

    New Students:
    Their enrollment begins approximately 10 days after the continuing student enrollment begins.
    New student priorities are based on application date, so the earlier they apply for admission the earlier the enrollment date will be.
    Beginning with the second regular semester, students will be assigned priority as continuing students (as outlined above).

For more information, click here.

When will the Schedule of Classes be available online?

Summer Schedule: Late April          Fall Schedule: Early May
Winter Schedule: Mid November     Spring Schedule: Mid November

Why aren't my grades showing up on my transcript?

Your grades will not show up on your transcript (online or on the official version) until all of your instructors have submitted their grades. The instructors are given one week after the term ends to turn in their grades so it may take that long to see them posted to your transcript. If you are interested in ordering official transcripts, be sure to check if the grades have been posted on your unofficial transcript first.  You can do this through Corsair Connect.

Student Enrollment Policy:

Students can enroll THEMSELVES into open classes up until the night before the second class meeting without the instructor’s approval.


  • If a class meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday: The students can enroll themselves into an open class until Tuesday night at midnight (because Wednesday would be the 2nd class meeting).
  • If the class meets only once a week, the students still have until the NIGHT BEFORE the 2nd class meeting to enroll themselves.
  • Faculty can still give approval codes out after the 2nd class meeting if they would like to add students into their courses. Students use these codes to enroll online through the student self service system.
  • The exceptions to this are online and hybrid classes. Students taking online and hybrid classes can enroll themselves into open classes until the night before the term/semester begins.

Admissions staff photoHow can I apply for admission to Santa Monica College?

Please refer to the How to Apply to Santa Monica College section of our web site.

Can I download forms from the web?

Please go to the Admission Forms page to access forms online.

Where can I find the dates and times for when finals are happening?

Please view the FINALS SCHEDULE online.

Where can I get more information about the following services?

Applications for various services are available as listed below:

  • Admissions: Go to the Web Applications page, call (310)-434-4380 or email us at
  • Financial Aid: Call (310)-434-4343 or visit their website.
  • Course Schedule or Catalog: check at
  • Campus Jobs: Call the Job Center at 310-434-4337 or fax to 310-434-4312 Services include hundreds of job listings, both on the Internet's world wide web via and on hard copy in the Job Center.
  • Campus Housing: SMC currently does not have any on-campus housing facilities. For off-campus housing information call (310)-434-4250 or visit the Associated Student's website at

Could you please direct me to the exact address, department or person that I should send my transcripts to?

Academic transcripts should be mailed to the Office of Admissions and Records at Santa Monica College, 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405-1628. If a specific department at SMC needs a copy to admit you, send them one separately. A general department listing is available online.  The Admissions office will not accept college transcripts that are brought in person, even if it is in a sealed envelop. 

I have a question about getting a refund by the refund deadline.  What are the deadlines and what if I postponed my fees so I haven't technically paid yet? 

All students are required to abide by the published Admissions dates and deadlines which impact when students can add and drop classes, avoid W's and get refunds. If you add or drop a class after the published refund deadline (which is 10% of the term), you will be responsible for the enrollment fees associated with that course.  Even if you have postponed your fees and have not yet technically "paid" for the class yet, you will not get a refund and the fees will remain on your account because you failed to drop the course before the published refund deadline.  SMC does not automatically drop students from classes if a student does not attend or does not pay for the class.  It is up to the student to drop themselves or they will be held responsible for the fees because they have taken a seat in the class.

Please advise me on who I need to contact to determine if I have any credits available to transfer from your college.

Make an appointment by phone at (310)-434-4210 to see a counselor to evaluate your work.

How can we get grades and school information through email?

Grades/transcripts are now available online. At the end of each term you may obtain your grades online through Corsair Connect. You will need your ID number and your password to log in. The system will also provide you with your cumulative units attempted, units completed, GPA and your academic standing.

How can I get more information about Santa Monica College online?

General school information is available on the web at the following locations:

  • Course schedules
  • Campus directory

Are SMC credits transferable to any four-year US colleges?

You must check the printed version of the SMC catalog for transferability of courses.

Who can I contact for information on a particular major, registering for one class two times in the same semester, or taking a class designed for non-majors in a subject in which I major?

For information on particular majors you can contact the departments. For information on enrollment and repeatability of classes you may contact the Counseling Office by phone at (310)-434-4210.

How do I find out if a particular subject will be offered in the semester I intend to enroll?

Refer to the class schedule on the SMC website.

Is TOEFL required for students who are non-native speakers of English prior to enrollment in college?

Only international students with F-1 visas need to take the TOEFL.

Do you have English classes for beginners?

We currently offer ESL classes through the Community and Continuing Education Program. You may call them at (310)-434-3400.  Please also see our Non Credit ESL program link for more information.

Do you have any articulation agreements with other colleges or universities?

Refer to transfer agreements listed under student information.

Do you have any class offerings for high school students?

We are currently accepting applications for the High School Concurrent Program for the upcoming semesters. Please visit our High School Concurrent link.

What day-care services does SMC provide?

Unfortunately, none are provided by the college.

What are your office hours?

Current hours for Admissions & Records:

Monday & Thursday 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30 am-6:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am- 12:00 pm

How do I get information on the refund policy for taking a class, and the last day to drop a class?

Please refer to the Dates and Deadlines in the Class Schedule.

How can I find directions to the campus?

Please refer to the Campus Map and Directions under the Welcome area of the SMC website.