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Corsair Connect

PDF FileCorsair Connect Guide

Know Your Enrollment Date

Prepare Your Classes

Thousands of students enroll each term, so being ready early is important.

In Person

SMC has the largest network of community college counselors in California. To make an appointment, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Corsair Connect.

  2. Find the section on the left called “SMC Quick Links

  3. Click “Book a Counseling Appointment

You can choose a day, time, and even a specific counselor. Counselors can also assist with MyEdPlan, review your placement, or clear a prerequisite for math, English, or ESL.


Every counselor will tell you, use MyEdPlan. This award-winning education planner allows you to set goals and see your progress. You can also send your education plan for review by a counselor. Use the My EdPlan link to Login, see upcoming workshops, and learn more about this amazing tool.

Plan Your Schedule

You know your classes, now you have to balance and manage life with school. The Schedule Planner online tool helps you plan the perfect semester in just a few moments. Important to remember: This is a planning tool; you cannot enroll directly from Schedule Planner.

Enroll Online

Enroll online using Corsair Connect on or after your enrollment date. Use the PDF FileCorsair Connect Guide if you need help enrolling.

Add yourself to the Open Seat Notification List or Wait List for any classes that are full. Wait Lists open 2 weeks before the semester starts. After joining, availability notifications are sent via email.

Purchase your textbooks online at the SMC Bookstore.

Clear Your Holds

You will not be able to enroll until holds are cleared. If you have a hold, a message will appear when you Login to Corsair Connect. Read the instructions carefully on how to remove the hold.

Important Reminders

  • Use the PDF FileCorsair Connect Guide if you have questions about adding classes or paying fees.

  • Pay your fees Online in Corsair Connect to avoid being dropped for non-payment, or if you prefer to pay in person, visit the Cashier's Office. The Cashier's Office is also where you get your student ID!

  • Check your Financial Aid if you want to know the status of your award, or find out when to expect your disbursement. Follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Corsair Connect

    2. Find the section on the left called “SMC Quick Links

    3. Click “Financial Aid

  • If you haven't done so already, apply for Financial Aid. This process can take time, so to get your money as early as possible you should apply as early as possible.

  • For any general questions please visit our brand-new Student Services Center. Most of our services are now in one easy location; look for our Welcome desk on the ground floor to get started!

  • Attending SMC right out of a California high school? Visit Admissions & Records to see if you qualify for 2 years of free enrollment with the Santa Monica College Promise!