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​​Extended Hours to Better Serve Students!

It’s not too late to enroll at SMC! Find your classes today.

  Admissions & Records Assessment Bookstore Bursar's Counseling Financial Aid Welcome Center
Thursday, February 98:30am-7pm9am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm8:30am-7pm8:30am-7pm8am-7pm
Saturday, February 11  11am-3pm    
Monday, February 138:30am-7pm9am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm8:30am-7pm8am-7pm
Tuesday, February 148:30am-7pm9am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm8:30am-7pm8am-7pm
Wednesday, February 158:30am-7pm9am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm8:30am-7pm8am-7pm
Thursday, February 168:30am-7pm9am-7pm8am-7pm8am-7pm8:30am-7pm8:30am-7pm8am-7pm
Friday, February 178am-5pm9am-5pm8am-5pm8am-5pm8:30am-5pm8:30am-5pm8am-5pm *
Saturday, February 18  11am-3pm    

* On Friday February 17, The Welcome Center will be at the General Counseling Location after 1pm.

Resources for Spring Semester

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