Proof of Residency Procedures

If you have been classified as a non-resident for tuition purposes, use this guide to see if you are eligible to establish California Residency. If you can provide the appropriate documentation as outlined below, the Admissions office would be happy to evaluate those documents and change your status if you can prove your California Residence as defined by California Education Code and Title V. 

Documentation must be submitted to the SMC Admission’s office on the main campus if you are requesting a status change.  You are encouraged to clarify your residence status (for tuition purposes) prior to your enrollment date so that your fees are properly assessed.  If not, be prepared to pay non-resident tuition along with your mandatory fees at the time of your enrollment.

Requirements to Prove Residency

  • Proofs must be dated at least one year and one day before the start of the semester or session you are applying.
  • Two (2) proofs in your name or your parent’s name if under 19 dated on or before one year and one day prior to the start of the semester.

Acceptable Proofs of California Residence

Not 2 of the same:

  • California voter’s registration card

  • California (540) tax returns giving California as the home address (with acceptable dates)

  • Paycheck stub OR letter of employment verification on company letterhead (signed by a manager of the personnel department) 

  • California Driver’s License OR California ID card OR DMV printout

  • California Bank account – checking or savings statements

  • Marriage license or divorce decree issued in California

  • License or certificate issued by the State (with issue & expiration dates)

  • California utility bill (DWP, gas, telephone, cable - all utility bills count as one proof)

  • California State Aid or Social Welfare

  • Car registration and/or car insurance (California company)

  • California health insurance OR Medi-Cal ID

  • Military discharge papers (DD214) OR Leave and Earnings statement (indicating California as State of Record)

  • California property taxes (student’s name only)

  • Union membership in  a California local

  • California public library membership (verified by letter or printout with letterhead or branch stamp).

Unacceptable Proofs of Residence

  • School transcripts, school registration, school ID, school housing contract

  • Credit cards or credit statement

  • Declaration by a California school classifying the student as a  resident

  • Affidavits indicating student's physical presence in the State

  • Rental receipts, personal mail, medical or dental bills

  • Lease Agreements or a letter from a landlord (manager) verifying tenancy