Please review important announcements that may affect your school records.

Payment/Postpone Deadline Information:

Fee Payment & Postponement Deadline for Summer 2017 session: May 31, 2017 at 7pm
Fee Payment & Postponement Deadline for Fall 2017 semester: August 2, 2017 at 7pm
What does this mean?
Students who don’t PAY or postpone their fees by the deadline will be dropped from their classes.
What if you need more time to pay?
The fee postponement option is only available up until the posted deadlines.
What if you want to ADJUST your schedules for Summer/Fall semester?
Please do NOT DROP your classes and SHOP for other classes until you have an add code or are enrolled into the new class. Keep in mind you will be responsible for any fees associated with a class if you are enrolled in it after the published withdrawal deadlines.
What if the classes you want to take are full?
"Don't give up!" As students adjust their schedules, seats may become open or you can try to get in the wait pool.  Students in the waitpool will have a chance of getting into open spaces on the first day of class. 
Is "crashing classes" still encouraged?
Crashing classes is still encouraged. If you are unable to get into the waitpool for a class, proceed to show up the first day of class to crash. In many cases, student do not show and those who are trying to crash are able to get in.
How have students been notified about these payment deadlines?
This information is published in the student's Corsair Connect account next to the class information the student is enrolled in.
Course Repeat Policy Change:
Alert!! Effective Summer 2012, students will only be able to enroll in the same course at SMC A MAXIMUM OF THREE TIMES. Past enrollments resulting in substandard grades (D & F), withdrawals, incompletes, and no passes in the same course will count towards this maximum. For further questions about this change in policy, please an SMC counselor.