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Fee Payment Policy Information

Fee Payment Policy- IMPORTANT!

Winter 2017
There will not be an auto drop for non-payment of fees. All fees must be paid or else a hold will be placed onto the student's account.
Spring 2017
Students must PAY or POSTPONE their FEES by January 11th, 2017 at 7pm or they will be dropped from their Spring semester classes.

FAQs FOR  Winter/Spring 2017:

Is there an option to postpone my fees?
Yes. This option is available via your Corsair Connect account (Spring 2017 semester ONLY). It will no longer be available after the payment/postponement deadlines listed above.

What happens if I enroll into a class after the published payment/postponement deadline? 
Students are responsible for all fees if they fail to drop themselves prior to the refund deadlines which is located next to all enrolled classes in the student's Corsair Connect account.

What if I’m on Financial Aid? 
You are responsible for your health fees and ensuring that you have a ZERO BALANCE before the published payment deadlines. Be sure your BOG for the new year has been processed well before the payment deadline.  You can also apply online for the eBOG at the same time you enroll. Remember, you must have successfully completed the process prior to the drop deadline.  Contact the Financial Aid office for specific information.

How can I tell if I have a ZERO BALANCE? Log into Corsair Connect, click on the Enrollment tab, select the term (Summer or Fall semester) and click FEES ASSESSED to see what fees you may still owe for that specific term. 

Can I partially pay for my fees?
If paying online, all fees for enrollment must be paid for at one time.  Partial fee payment can happen in person at the Bursar’s office, but full payment must be received before the published deadline. If you are enrolling into multiple semesters/sessions online, you cannot just pay for of one of the enrolled semesters/sessions.  You will be required to pay for ALL fees online.
What if I’m a Non-Resident?
You will be responsible for paying for your enrollment fees and having a zero balance before the published deadlines  or you will be dropped from your classes.
Know your balance $ Know the deadlines $ 
Be sure to have a ZERO BALANCE before the deadlines or you will be dropped from your classes.
Students are responsible for ALL fees if they fail to drop before the refund deadlines.