The Purchasing Department utilizes a consortium of schools and municipalities to leverage spend and negotiate agreements with Suppliers while keeping SMC's financial interest in mind and fulfilling the needs of our students, faculty and staff. By taking advantage of competitively bid contracts available through state and other college community buying cooperatives, the College saves time, money and resources. These contracts provide the best overall cost to the College and supports strategic partnerships with Suppliers.

Departments are strongly encouraged to support strategic suppliers as part of a district strategy to leverage our full buying power. New suppliers are continuously added and you are encouraged to periodically visit our site.

The following is a list of Board Approved suppliers with whom Purchasing has either negotiated pricing agreements with or can utilize the pre-negotiated agreements. For additional information about the suppliers, their products and services, and contact information, please contact the Purchasing Department at (310) 434-4304 or email us at

You may also contact the assigned Buyer in the Purchasing Department with questions about a specific commodity (See the Buyer Assignments page).

Commodity Supplier Name Contract Number Board Approved Date Exp.
Auto parts and Supplies O'reilly Auto Parts logo
​O'Reilly Auto Parts
05-09-99-31 (WSCA) 0​7/02/13 12/31/13 Purchasing
Bottled Water Services Arrowhead / Nestle water logos
Arrowhead/Nestle Waters
​​Bid 10-11/004SF ​​0​7/02/13 ​08/16/14 Purchasing
​Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Service Hewlett Packard logo
Hewlett Packard
​B27164 (WSCA) ​0​7/02/13 ​08/31/14 Purchasing
​Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Service Apple logo
​Contract P-13 (Glendale Unified) 0​7/02/13 ​​10/15/14 Purchasing
​Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Service Dell logo
​B27160-CA (WSCA) ​0​7/02/13 ​08/31/14 Purchasing
​On-line Bid/ Vendor Management, Contract Management, Insurance Certificate Management Services, Software Services PlanetBids logo
​1924 (CSU) 0​7/02/13
​On-going Purchasing
Digital Copier Products & Services Xerox logo
​708/OP/039 (UCOP) ​0​7/02/13 ​04/30/14 ​Purchasing
Electrical Heating, Ventilation and Supplies Graybar logo
​MA-IS-1340234-4 (U.S. Communities) 0​7/02/13 ​03/31/16


Office Furnishing Systems, seating, files, and Architectural Interiors Humanscale logo
​701/OP/047 (UCOP) ​0​7/02/13 05/31/14 ​Purchasing
Express, Small Package air delivery, & International Shipments FedEx logo
Federal Express
​​MA454 (WSCA) 0​7/02/13 ​08/27/14 ​Purchasing
Wood case Office Furniture Haworth logo
​701/OP/044 (UCOP) ​0​7/02/13 ​10/01/14 ​Purchasing
Industrial & Janitorial Supplies & Equipment Grainger logo
​1862 (WSCA) 0​7/02/13 ​02/01/14 ​Purchasing
​Office Furnishing Systems, seating, files, and Architectural Interiors Allsteel logo
​4-09-0087A (CMAS) ​0​7/02/13 ​​06/30/14 ​Purchasing
​Maintenance & Hardware Supplies Home Depot logo
​Home Depot
​​11019 (U.S. Communities) 0​7/02/13 ​07/31/14 ​Purchasing
​Office Supplies OfficeMax logo
​CNR01270 (E&I) 0​7/02/13
​12/31/15 Purchasing​
​Paint & Supplies Glidden Professional logo
​Glidden Professional
​​CNR-01129 (E&I) 0​7/02/13
​07/13/15 ​Purchasing
​Technology Products/Equipment Insight Public Sector logo
​Insight Public Sector
​RQ09-997736-42B (U.S. Communities) ​0​7/02/13 ​04/30/14 ​Purchasing
​​Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Service IBM logo
​​B27166 (WSCA) 0​7/02/13 ​08/31/14 ​Purchasing
Facilities Solutions AmSan / CleanSource logos
12-22 (U.S. Communities) ​0​7/02/13 ​12/31/15 ​Purchasing
Janitorial Supplies Waxie logo
NCPA02-09 (NCPA) 0​7/02/13 ​11/30/14 ​Purchasing
Facilities Solutions
Cintas logo
​​​12-JLH-011 (U.S. Communities) ​0​7/02/13 ​03/31/15 ​Purchasing
Cisco Network Communication Equipment and Maintenance Nexus IS logo
Nexus IS
​​AR-233 (WSCA) 0​7/02/13 ​05/31/14 ​Purchasing
Digital Copier Products & Services Ricoh logo
​708/OP/038 (UCOP) ​0​7/02/13 ​04/30/14 ​Purchasing
Office Furnishing Systems, seating, files, and Architectural Interiors Steelcase logo
​​701/OP/50 (UCOP) 0​7/02/13 ​10/31/15 ​Purchasing
Auto Parts and Supplies NAPA logo
5-09-99-29 through 5-09-99-31(WSCA) ​0​7/02/13 ​12/31/13 ​Purchasing
Janitorial Supply Zep logo
​​NCPA02-10 (NCPA) 11/01/12 ​11/30/14 ​Purchasing
Mailroom Equipment and Maintenance Mailfinance logo
Mail Finance
ADSP011-000004114 (WSCA) ​0​7/02/13 ​10/11/14 ​Purchasing
Janitorial Supplies Mission Linen Supply logo
Mission Linen
​​088/OP/085 (UCOP) 0​7/02/13 ​08/31/15 ​Purchasing
Athletic Supplies and P.E. Equipment BSUS Sports logo
BSN Sports / US Games
10-JLH-001 (U.S. Communities) ​0​7/02/13 ​09/30/14 ​Purchasing
Science lab wear, Supplies, and Equipment Fisher Scientific logo
Fisher Scientific
08-04026 (U.S. Communities​) ​0​7/02/13 ​06/30/15 ​Purchasing
Construction, Facility and Maintenance, Repair, Operations (MRO), Floor Covering Shaw Contract Group logo
Shaw Contract Group
​​022712-SII (NJPA) 0​7/02/13 ​03/20/16 ​Purchasing
Floor Covering Continental Flooring Company logo
Continental Flooring
4-08-72-0003G (CMAS) ​0​7/02/13 ​09/30/15 ​Purchasing
Health and Sports Medicine Supplies School Health logo
School Health
​​CNR-01288 (E&I) 0​7/02/13 11/30/14 ​Purchasing
Industrial MRO Supplies Applied Industrial Technologies logo
11019 (U.S. Communities) ​0​7/02/13 ​07/31/14 ​Purchasing
Shuttle Services Global Transportation Solutions logo
Global Transportation Solutions
​​Bid 10-11/005SF 0​7/02/13 ​08/31/15 ​Purchasing
General Laboratory Supplies VWR logo
CNR-01163 (E&I) ​0​7/02/13​ ​06/30/17 ​Purchasing
Printers / Fax Machines Xerox logo
708/OP/006 (UCOP) 0​7/02/13 ​08/31/15 ​Purchasing
Books, Subscriptions, Audio Books, DVDs and Media CompleteBook Logo
Complete Book and Media Supply
CNR-01307 (E&I) ​0​7/02/13​ ​06/30/16 ​Purchasing

Express, Small Package air delivery and international shipments

UPS logo
MA065 (WSCA) 0​7/02/13 ​08/27/14 ​Purchasing
Science & Health Laboratory Supplies/Equipment
Steris logo
Steris Corp​
CNR-01239 (E&I) ​11/01/09​ ​10/30/14 ​Purchasing
Audio visual supplies and equipment
Xerox logo
B&H Photo Video
CNR-01341 (E&I) 0​8/01/13 ​07/31/18 ​Purchasing