Listed below is the information required to encumber funds for each contract type.

Facility Use Agreement

Use of this Contract Type is for rental of outside facilities for classroom instruction.

  • Submit a copy of the Facilities Use Agreement Form signed by all parties, to include the appropriate account numbers, and vendor information (Name, Physical Address, and Email Address).

  • Please provide the total time period (number of days, weeks, or months), the facility will be used by SMC. An exact facility schedule is not required, actual facility use dates can be specified as needed.

  • If the Facilities Use Agreement has not been completed, please request the service by submitting an approved Purchase Requisition containing the required information.

  • Board of Trustees approval is Required.

Independent Consultants

All consultant agreements require Board of Trustee approval. Independent Consultant agreement dates cannot exceed the fiscal year in which they are issued. Use of this Contract Type is for Guest Lecturers and Non-Employee Professional Services.

  • Fully Executed "Independent Consultant" agreements shall include an email address, account number, who the consultant reports to and signature from the consultant and the VP of the requesting department or the District designee (please refer to recommendation no. 24 on the Board of Trustee's Meeting Minutes, dated: PDF FileDecember 2014).

  • If this is the first time requesting the consultant service, a PDF FileVendor Data Record Form shall be completed (please download from the Forms & Documents link).

  • If reimbursable expenses are included as a part of the contracting document, please specify a Not-to-Exceed dollar amount for the reimbursable items.

    • If you require assistance to determine the reimbursable dollar value, please contact Purchasing.

  • All Consultant agreements require Board of Trustees approval.

Memorandum of Understanding/Professional Service Agreements

Use of this Contract Type is for collaborative services with Public Agencies, Complex Contracts and Minor Public Works Projects.

  • Completion of a Memorandum of Understanding or Professional Services Agreement occurred in any fiscal year, which included:

    • Valid account number

    • Authorized signatures

    • The amount to be expended in each year of the agreement

    • Email address for the person signing the agreement

    • Board report stating the budget expenditure for each fiscal year

  • The encumbrance document will be issued for the current fiscal year, however, each successive year shall be indicated within the document.

  • A Purchase Requisition is required for the following:

    • If any of the above information has changed or is not included in the original submission

    • Carry over fund balances from the prior fiscal year to the current year. The requisition should include the specific dollar amount to be carried over from the prior year.

    • Adding or changing account number

    • Increase in program funding

    • Board of Trustees approval is required, if changes are required that differs from the original board report

Software License Agreements

  • Renewals- A completed Purchase Requisition accompanied by the renewal notice.

  • New Software License Agreements- Submit the supplier proposal outlining the terms of the agreement and start/end dates for the license. All software license agreements must be approved by Information Technology.

Please contact Sherri Himelstein via email at or at Ext. 4494 if you require any additional information.