What is SI?

Supplemental Is an academic assistance program at Santa Monica College that provides free out-of-class sessions to students enrolled in specific courses. In SI sessions, SI leaders engage students in interactive group activities to help them learn course concepts, prepare them for exams, and learn effective study skills. Results show that students who attend on a regular basis can earn as much as ONE LETER GRADE HIGHER for the course!

What is an SI Leader?

​SI Leaders are students who have achieved excellence in a particular course such as Math 31, English 21 A/B, Chemistry 11, etc. These students are hired as model students to attend all class meetings of a course along with the other students. Each SI leader, while in the classroom, takes careful lecture notes, completes exams/quizzes and participates with the other students. Additionally, the SI leader will create two or more one hour weekly "SI Sessions" to help students learn and understand the material through structured study sessions that provide them with learning strategies for success.

How do I get an SI Leader?

In most instances, Supplemental Instruction is provided for courses that have a high rate of D, F, or W's. Historically, this meant SI was offered in basic skills courses in Math and English. Recently, the college has begun to offer SI in STEM courses and also transferrable courses​ in Math. Although the focus continues to be on basic skills courses and those with high D, F, or W rates, you are welcome to contact the SI program to explore whether your course would be appropriate for SI.  

Learn More​

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