Santa Monica College
Writing & Humanities Tutoring Center
313 Drescher Hall  
Writing Assistants can:
1. Help you brainstorm topics and make outlines.
2. Evaluate the wording of  your thesis and topic sentences.
3. Give you feedback on the analysis of your topic--i.e., comment on the body of your essay.
4. Help you improve your introduction and/or conclusion.
5. Comment on the organization of your main and supporting ideas.
6. Help you understand the directions of the assignment.
7. Help you develop skills for analyzing literature.
8. Explain concepts from your textbook and lecture notes.
9. Address your grammar questions about places you have circled in your writing.*
10. Work with you on grammar lessons in your textbook.
11. Advise you if you have made your own corrections accurately.
12. Guide you in effective procedures for writing a research paper.
13. Guide you in following MLA/APA formatting rules.
*Writing assistants do not proofread your essays and do not do grammar checks for you but do answer your grammar questions.


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