A Theatre Arts and Film Department Collaboration


  • Film 32 (Advanced Filmmaking) students will be shooting a total of 40 scenes IN CLASS from professional, preexisting, produced screenplays (e.g., “American Beauty,” “Casablanca,” “Black Swan,” etc.) under the close supervision of the instructor.

  • Film students will not be imitating those scenes, but rather will come up with their own directorial takes, vis-à-vis casting choices, camera setups, genre, pacing, etc. For instance, someone might decide to do a scene from “American Beauty” with an African-American cast in a Film Noir style, with all the necessary preparations and adjustments that entails.

  • Film Department will have a BINDER OF HEADSHOTS* for student directors to peruse. Based on the headshots in that binder, Film 32 students will contact TAD actors to audition for a particular scene. Auditions will take place at AET. If selected, actors will need to come on the day of shoot for a 4-hour class.

    • All shoots will be either Wednesday 8 a.m. - Noon or Thursday 8 a.m. - Noon at AET 235 or AET 209. Actors must be present for the whole class. (Some accommodation may be given if Theatre class absence is required.)

  • Actors will receive a DVD with the final edited scene by the end of the semester. These scenes can become part of your reels.

Theatre Arts Students

*Complete the Student Film Questionnaire (also available from the department office).

*Drop off your headshot, resume (if available) and completed questionnaire at the Theatre Arts office, Th Arts 117. 

You may slip it all under the door if no one is there.

We are trying to make arrangements with the Photography Dept. to have headshots taken strictly for the purpose of this Theatre/Film collaboration. At this time, however, you are responsible for obtaining your own headshots.