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Faculty & Staff Directory


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Other Role


Phone EXT


​Email ​Fall '16 Office Hours​
​Berger, Raqota ​Part Time ​HSS 376 (Lounge) ​N/A ​ Th: 6:00P - 6:40P
​Chambers, Christie ​Part Time ​HSS 376 (Lounge) ​N/A ​​ ​TBD
​Chan, Melisssa ​Part Time​ HSS 376 (Lounge) ​N/A
T: 10:30A - 12:30P

Chin, Dorothy

Full Time

HSS 388


chin_dorothy​​ ​MW: 8:40A - 9-25A   F:12:00P - 2:00P
​Chopp, Regina Full Time ​HSS 366
4669​ TTH:10:30A - 12:30P
​Danan, Jennifer ​Part Time ​HSS 376 (Lounge) ​N/A ​MW: 10:15A - 10:45A
Davis, Teri ​Part Time ​HSS 376
8265 MW: 2:00P - 3:00P
Davis-King, Donna ​Part Time ​HSS 376 (Lounge) ​N/A T: 6:45P - 7:45P
Th: 11:30A - 12:30P

Davison, Lynn

 Part Time 

​HSS 376
N/A MW: 6:00P - 6:35P Th: 5:50P - 6:30P
De Villers, Linda ​Part Time ​HSS 376 N/A T:3:05P - 3:40P
Th:8:00A -8:40P(OL)

DeLoach, C


Full Time

HSS 369 *Counseling Complex

​M: 2:30P - 3:30P (OL) T: 8:00A - 9:20A ​           
W: 11:00A - 12:00P*
Th: 8:30A - 9:15A

Druker, Stephen

Part Time



MTWHF:12:00P - 1:00P
Farwell, Lisa Full Time ​HSS 367
​N/A M: 4:00P - 5:00P (OL)
T: 2:00P - 3:00P (OL)
TTH: 5:30P - 6:15P
Graham, Mark
​Part Time ​HSS 376 N/S M: 6:05P - 6:45P
Guild, Laura ​Part Time ​HSS 376 8430 T: 11:30A - 12:36P
Th: 11:00A - 11:36A
Gunn. Karen

Part Time HSS 376 ​N/A T: 5:00P - 6:30P
Hald, Lea
Full Time      Coffee Spot*      HSS 363 4504 M: 2:15P - 2:50P*         TTH: 9:30A - 11:30A
Lancaster, Molly
​Part Time ​HSS 376
​N/A MW: 5:15P - 6:30P
Laurent, Michael​
​Part Time HSS 376 3183 MW: 7:20A - 7:50A
Loeb, Tamra ​Part Time ​HSS 376 ​N/A ​F: 9:30A - 11:00A
Matheson, Catherine
​Part Time        Bundy 317Q      HSS 376 ​N/A MW: 11:00A - 12:00P     Th: 10:00A - 11:00A
O'Leary, Bernadette ​Part Time ​HSS 376 ​N/A ​ MW: 11:45A - 12:30P
MW: 5:15P - 6:00P
Olson, Gene ​Part Time ​HSS 376 N/A TTH: 4:15P - 5:10P
Permberton, Jennifer ​Part Time ​HSS 376 N/A F: 6:55A - 7:55A
F: 11:05A - 1


Administrative Assistant


4276 MTWHF: 1:00P - 5:00P

Russell, Rick

Part Time

HSS 376

4705 ​TTH: 11:15A - 12:15A

Sage, Rebecca

Part Time​

​HSS 376 ​8797 TTH: 1:00P - 2:00P

Schwartz, Alex​

Full Time Chair ​HSS 365 ​8904 MW: 11:00P - 12:30P
T:2:30P - 3:30P (OL)

Shirinyan, David

Full Time 
 HSS 364

4911 M: 11:00A - 12:00P
Th: 10:45A - 11:45A
MTWH:7:30A-8:00A (OL)
T: 10:45A - 11:45A (OL)
W: 11:00A - 12:00A (OL)
Smith-Clark, Colin ​Part Time ​HSS 376 ​N/A MW: 4:00P - 5:00P
Tannat, Lupita
Full Time   Psych/ECE BUNDY 317Q
​N/A T: 5:30P - 6:00P​
TTh: 11:00A - 12:30P
​​Tingen, Ian ​Part Time ​HSS 255 ​N/A ​ W: 5:30P - 6:30P

For adjunct faculty not listed, please check your syllabus for contact information.


Christian Hart passed away in August of 2009. He will be dearly missed by family, friends, students and colleagues.

A link to his memorial website can be found here.​​​​