Welcome to SMC's Physics Program

We offer a wide variety of transferrable courses in classical and modern physics, with several course sequences designed specifically for different audiences including general education students, life science majors, and engineering/physical science majors.

Physicists study matter, energy, and the relationships between them and devise methods to apply laws and theories of physics to industry, medicine, and other fields. Some career titles include acoustic physicist, astrophysicist, engineer, satellite data analyst, and medical or nuclear physicist.

Potential Physics Career Options

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Job Title Typical Education
Physics Teachers, Postsecondary Doctoral Degree or More
Natural Sciences Managers Bachelor's Degree
Nuclear Engineers Bachelor's Degree
Biochemist and Biophysicists Doctoral Degree or More
Physicists Doctoral Degree or More
Astronomers Doctoral Degree or More
Atmospheric and Space Scientists Bachelor's Degree
Materials Scientists Doctoral Degree or More
Nuclear Equipment Operation Technicians Associates Degree
Nuclear Monitoring Technicians Doctoral Degree or More
Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education Doctoral Degree or More

Resources for Physics Students