Present: Anthony Chan, Sung Choi, Guido Del Piccolo, Robert Flores, Deborah Frohman, Claudia Garcia-Szekely, Elham Gheytanchi, Harry Gill, Christine Holmgren, Amber Katherine, Bob Massey, Gary Ortega, Eileen Rabach, Christine Schultz, Kathy Shamey, Richard Tahvildaranjess, Ventris Woods, Kofi Yankey.

Special Guest Judith Penchansky, College Disciplinarian

Judith Penchansky gave an overview of the disciplinary process. The most important thing to remember is that the student deserves due process. Accordingly, if a faculty member is having a problem with a student, the faculty member should first give the student a warning. If the student continues the bad behavior (talking in class, being rude, etc.), the teacher may suspend the student for up to two sessions but this suspension should be followed up with paperwork. The paperwork is available at http://www.smc.edu/disciplinarian/. Once there, click on “Online Disciplinarian Referral Form.” This form can be downloaded, filled out, and sent to Judith. She will then contact the student. You should not allow the student to return to class until he/she has seen Judith. Please do not contact the campus ombudsperson.

In cases of academic dishonesty, the faculty member may choose to give the student a 0 on the assignment. The faculty member may also choose to flunk the student in the class but Judith Penchansky suggested that this be done in consultation with the department chair, or in our case, the discipline coordinator. Again, the faculty member should follow-up with paperwork. An “Academic Dishonesty Form” is available at the same site as above. It, too, can be downloaded, filled out, and sent to the campus disciplinarian.

Report from the Academic Senate – Richard Tahvildaran

Richard explained that the faculty have walked away from the Coordinating Council and are now seeking a Board Policy on joint governance structure no later than January 2005.

Dr. Robertson has announced that 15 positions, which are rollovers approved by the Coordinating Council in previous years, will be hired this year for Fall 05. Two of these positions are political scientists. There will probably be another 25 to 35 positions that will be filled in the Spring, once the Board policy is in place.

Kathy Shamey noted that any role for classified staff in the hiring of faculty is inappropriate.

Report from the Faculty Senate – Richard Tahvildaran

Speaking on behalf of himself and the other department FA representative, Eric Oifer, Richard announced that the FA is running a campaign and making political contributions. Specifically, the FA has joined with the Santa Monica/Malibu school district (K-12) and endorsed six candidates for the two school boards. Richard also announced that the College will be doing a phone bank and asked that each faculty member contribute one night of volunteer work.

Department Constitution – Guido Del Piccolo

Department members are asked to please take a look at the Constitution before the next meeting on October 14. The sentiment was expressed that we get the new constitution in place before we move forward on our hiring. The constitution can be accessed at

Eilleen Rabach – Announcement

Eileen announced that there is an opportunity to bring The Sand Storm, a one-act play by Sean Huze to the College. She asked for the Department’s support for such an endeavor and received it.