SMC Resources

​Audio and Video​

For the most part, the audio and video files available to students in the Language Lab correspond to the resources provided by the publishers of the first year textbook adopted for each language:

  • Arabic: Al-Kitaab
  • ASL: Signing Naturally
  • Chinese: Bridge to China
  • French: Motifs
  • German: Kontakte
  • Hebrew: Brandeis Modern Hebrew
  • Italian: Prego!
  • Japanese: Genki
  • Korean: Integrated Korean
  • Persian: Persian in Use
  • Portuguese: Ponto de Encontro
  • Russian: Beginner's Russian
  • Spanish: Unidos
  • Turkish: TBA​

​Culture and Country

  • Country Watch provides the most current and comprehensive source of socio-demographic, cultural, historical, economic, political, environmental and investment information, along with news, analysis, maps, data and statistics on all of the world’s 192 countries and many non-sovereign nations. ​
  • CIA World Factbook
  • Culture Crossing
  • Every Culture


Extra-curricular Language Courses

Language Exchange

  • ​My Language Exchange: Make online friends with whom to practice your language. (Be safe with your personal information!)