Arranged Hours

For Math 81, Math 84 and Math 31

Students must have 16 Arranged Hours completed by the specified date each semester (see below).  These hours may be accumulated by any combination of the following five options with specific details for each method listed further down the page.

  1. SI Sessions - Sessions are one hour long, students sign in and out on the provided attendence sheet and are required to stay the whole hour.  The scedules for the SI sessions is prosted on the bulleting board outside the Math Lab and Math Lab website, as we as on the bulletin boards outside of the Math Department office. Not available in Summer and Winter.

  2. Workshops/Study Sessions - Students must sign in and out on the provided attendance sheet and are required to stay the whole hour.  The schdeules for workshops and study session are posted on the bulletin board outside the Math Lab and Math Lab website, as well as on the bulletin boards outside the Math Department office. Not available in Summer and Winter.

  3. Department-created Activities – There are activities that were created by various Math Department faculty available in the Math Learning Resource Center (MC 72) or on the Math Lab website. The activities for each class can be found under a link along the left of the page called “Activities for Math ##”.

  4. Online Activities– In Math 81 and 84 we use WebAssign, in Math 31 we use MyMathLab which works through eCompanion. Students must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly on each section to receive one hour credit (the introduction does not count). Arranged Hour activities are labeled “My Assignments” in webassign and “homework” in eCompanion.

  5. Activities – Come with newly purchased textbooks. Activities must be completed on the original paperwork, photocopies or hand written copies cannot be accepted. In Math 81 the activities are part of the textbook and can be located at the back of the book. In Math 84 and 31 they come as a separate booklet. For Math 31 only, if a student did not purchase a new textbook they can still complete the activities on paper. Please direct them to:

Last date to accrue hours for all terms​

To have activities stamped in the math lab deadline is noon on the last day of instruction for that term.

To complete activities online deadline is 11:59 pm the last day of instruction for that term.

To accumulate hours towards your arranged hour commitment you must follow the directions correctly. Failure to follow these directions may result in hours not being accumulated on the official report and can result in a substandard grade.

Paper activites must be stamped by the Math lab coordinator, with a limit or no more than 5 activites per day.

A USED BOOK IS RARELY CHEAPER for these three classes.  The bookstore carries packages only containing the main text, a workbook for arranged hours and an online code for arranged hours and possible required homework.  They do NOT carry the components separately; the workbooks and the online codes can be purchased directly from the publisher with prices usually ranging from $50-$100 for each individual component; keep this hefty price in mind if you choose to purchase a used text.  During the Fall and Spring semester it may be possible to complete arranged hours using Supplemental Instruction meetings or Faculty led workshops if your schedule does not conflict with when these are meeting.