You Can Do Your Required Arranged Hours Online using Webassign for Math 81 and Math 84

To use Webassign requires the purchase of an access code.  This code is included in the package sold at the SMC bookstore.  It can also be purchased online directly through webassign.  

WebAssign Student Instructions:
Follow the instructions below to access the Math 81 or 84 Math Online Lab:
Getting Started:
2.  Enter your SMC Network Login Username: note: this is the first part of your SMC student email address.  
3.  Enter Institution as: SMC
4.  Enter your passcode (same as their Corsair Connect login)
5. Work on homework assignments
Important note: Students will receive 60 minutes credit toward their supplemental learning hours requirement for each Homework section that is completed with a score of 70% or higher. No activities other than those designated as “Homework” will count toward this requirement.
Please consult your instructor with further questions regarding Math Lab hours.