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SMC|Academic Programs|Mathematics|Math 81 Webassign Registration

Math 81 Webassign Registration

You Can Do Your Required Arranged Hours Online using Webassign

To enroll in the Math 81 Math Lab online, you will need a class key which identifies your class and will eventually need to purchase an access code which allows you to utilize the WebAssign site.

Getting Started:

    1. Go to
    2. On the right side of the page, at the bottom of the box headed “Account Login”, click on “Have a class key?”
    3. Enter the class key for Math 81 found below and click Submit.  Verify that you see the right class and semester
Section Number / Instructor
Class Key
2668 Prof Quevedo
smc 0419 2162
2669 Prof Quevedo
smc 3499 1824
2670 Prof Ulrich
smc 7696 9466
2671 Prof Phung
smc 6276 5723
2672 Prof Soury
smc 4309 3614
2673 Prof Phung
smc 2745 6842
2674 Prof Chau
smc 6543 2176
2675 Prof Lai
smc 8116 0617
3261 Prof Bayssa
smc 7773 9280
4330 Prof He
smc 1586 2491
4331 Prof Martinez
smc 5569 4872
4332 Prof Evinyan
smc 4989 7785
4333 Prof Hecht
smc 7468 1553
4334 Prof Chitgar
smc 6444 7154
4335 Prof Raffel
smc 9856 3043

Section Number / Instructor

Summer 2014 Class Key

1543 Prof He

smc 2203 3060

1544 TBD

smc 6992 5808

1545 Prof Bojkov

smc 6724 6357

1546 Prof Ulrich

smc 4266 4188

Creating a WebAssign Account - if necessary

    1. Preferred Username:  Section # followed by your last name and first name.  Ex  2599SmithMeg
    2. Password:  Your choice
    3. Student Information:  Student ID # REQUIRED
    4. Click "Create my Account"

Using your WebAssign Account

    1. Log in at
    2. Enter Username
    3. Enter SMC  under Institution
    4. Enter Password
    5. If this is your first log in the system will ask you to enter your access code pre-purchased with bundled textbook at SMC bookstore, to purchase an access code online, or to continue with your free grade period.  Enter your access code, if applicable. 
    6. Edit profile:  If you are using a pre-existing webassign account, you must edit your profile to include your student id
    7. Work on assignments


    Important note: Students will receive 40 minutes credit toward their Math Lab hours requirement for each Homework section that is completed with a score of 70% or higher. No activities other than those designated as “Homework” will count toward this requirement.
    Please consult your instructor with further questions regarding Math Lab hours.