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The primary goal of the Department of Kinesiology & Athletics is to maximally contribute to the development of the students’ potential in all aspects of their life through physical fitness, health, wellness and a positive self-concept. Faculty creates an environment, which optimally promotes physical activity and movement and allows students to successfully meet the curriculum objectives. Lectures and movements are taught and explored that encourage the creative process, artistic communication as well as appreciation and preservation of world culture.


Through the department’s active instruction, Kinesiology students will be prepared to choose and participate in activities for a life time of fitness and wellness. Moreover, students will achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical fitness through strategic goal planning.


The Department of Kinesiology & Athletics provides a multi-disciplinary program, which educates through movement and physical activity. This program provides a necessary component to the comprehensive college experience with regard to values in human growth and development. The curriculum selectively develops and nurtures both the mental and physical aspects and compliments all other learning experiences of the college.








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