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Welcome to the Department of History at Santa Monica College.        

​The Department is a community of instructors and scholars that seeks to understand the past and strives to introduce students to history and to develop in them a historical sense. With course offerings covering much of the past from all parts of the globe, from the ancient world to the present, the department offers the foundation for a broad education. Such a foundation has been preparing students since the founding of the school in 1929 for careers in education, politics, the law, public administration, librarianship, and many other disciplines.

Our department is notable both for the quality of its members' teaching and for the breadth of its course offerings. This depth and diversity is set within a framework of traditional humanistic skills, the chief being critical reading, good writing, and the analyses of historical texts. We offer expertise in such areas as the history of the Middle East, East and South Asia, Africa, and US social history, including Latino/as and African-Americans – as well as the traditional survey courses in U.S., Western, and World History. Our lively departmental culture includes scholarship awards, a history club, and active faculty participation in local, state, regional and international academic organizations.

We invite you to browse our website and to contact us for further information about course offerings, our instructors, and careers in history and its sister fields.

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    HSS 302

    Phone Number
    (310) 434-4406

    Sang Chi
    Department Chair

    Carolyn Baugh
    Administrative Assistant

  • Office Hours

    Monday - Thursday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.