The ELAC/SMC Respiratory Therapy Program wants you to be successful!

Success requires your investment and we’re here to help… if you’re ready to invest.  

Faculty led tutoring available now:

RT Success Workshops
RT 2, 30 and 7/70
Students: Open Lab / Tutoring
Instructors: Charlie Tsang

Location: See Flyer for more information

Tutoring Flyer -ELAC - Sp2013-1.pdfTutoring Flyer -ELAC - Sp2013-1.pdf




Instructor: Mel Welch

Location:  SMC Bundy Campus – Room 239

1st Year Respiratory Therapy Students

Wednesdays: February 11th to June 5th

12:30 pm - 2:05 pm and 5:35-7:00 pm


Making Student Success...  a reality!