• To Request Funds

    The RT Student Relief Fund was created by the Santa Monica College's Allied Health Enhancement and Expansion Project to assist students in meeting short-term, temporary financial obligations, which, if not ameliorated, would interfere with the student’s ability to continue their education in the Santa Monica College and East Los Angeles College Respiratory Therapy Collaborative Program.

    Read the Guidelines for Requests (below)

    1. MS Word DocumentComplete a Request Form (A staff or faculty member must complete the Request Form)

    Guidelines for Requesting Funds

    The Enhancement and Expansion Project Team will utilize the following guidelines in determining a student's eligibility for relief funds:

    1. The student must be currently enrolled in the ELAC/SMC RT Program (Officially Admitted).

    2. The student’s academic record must demonstrate satisfactory progress and commitment to RT degree completion.

    3. Need should be verified by a faculty or staff member possibly including the documentation verifying the need in the request.

    4. Need should be unexpected and short-term or temporary.

    5. The award should enable the student to continue with immediate studies.

    6. Maximum award is $250 per year. If the need is greater than $250 the request will not be considered unless there is an explanation as to how the student will attempt to raise the additional funds.

    7. Students awaiting financial aid are not usually funded; nor are loans available.

    8. The award should not be used for fees.

  • To Donate Funds

    Total Raised To-Date: $3,500.00

    Total Relief Given: -0-

    A donation form can be completed online through the Donation SMC Foundation Website.

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