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I’ve Applied…What’s Next?


Q:  What should I do while on the waitlist to the Nursing Program at SMC? 




Now that you have completed your prerequisites, applied to the Nursing program, and passed the admissions assessment test, here is a checklist of several things you should do to be prepared for beginning the program. 



#1 Complete Nursing 36, Calculations in Drugs and Solutions (1) offered twice per semester and

     Complete Nursing 17, Pharmacology (3)


Nursing 36 is a prerequisite for Nursing 15 and 15L, which you will be taking the second eight weeks of the first semester of the Nursing program.  Nursing 17, is a prerequisite to the third semester of the program.



#2 Think about completing graduation requirements, if you have not done so already. If you have already completed your graduation requirements, go to #3. 


Students must complete all requirements for the Associate in Arts degree in order to graduate from this program.

      Speech 5, Interpersonal Communications (3)


Psychology 19, Lifespan Human Development (3)

Sociology 1, Introduction (3)

American Cultures/Humanities (Art 72, Cinema (see Film Studies), Dance 2, English 10, Film Studies 7 (formerly Cinema 7), Music 33 (if taken Fall ’05 or later), 37, Speech 4) (3)

Social Science-Group A (3)/History 11, 12, 15 (same as ECON 15), 45, 46, Political Science 1

Math Requirement:  Please see the following AA General Education sheet for Math options:




#3 Consider taking BSN courses while you are waiting to enter the SMC Nursing Program through a special partnership with California State University, Dominguez Hills


#4 Register for preparation courses.  Below is a list of several highly recommended classes to take that will help prepare you to succeed in the Nursing Program courses. 

Counseling 1 – Developing Learning Skills

Counseling 20 – Student Success Seminar

English 48   Speed Reading and Vocabulary (with Health Sciences emphasis) 

ESL 23   Intermediate Reading and Vocabulary (with Biology emphasis)



#5 Financial Aid.  Fill out the FAFSA application online at (between January 1 and March 1). 



      Research scholarships are available at SMC and at the California Health

Professions Education Foundation


Even if you already have a Bachelor’s degree, nursing students are still eligible for Financial Aid.



#6 Participate in Plato Learning Activities. 


Even though you have met pre-requisite course requirements, you may have individual skill areas that need improvement.  It is highly recommended that you address these weaknesses prior to admission and enrollment in the nursing program.  To assist you in doing this, students currently on the SMC Nursing Program Waitlist are eligible to use a Web-based learning tool accessible from your home free of charge.  An online independent course of study can be developed to meet your individual needs and this will be provided at no cost to you!  Contact the Nursing Program to find out how you can gain access to Plato Learning.  (Plato Learning is only available to students currently on the SMC Nursing Program Waitlist)


*  Due to the impaction of our nursing program, we are aware the most students apply to multiple programs. Therefore, it is expected that you will notify the SMC Nursing Program immediately if you accept admission or enter a Registered Nursing Program at another college or university. Once we are notified, you will be removed from our waitlist.