PLATO Orientation Guide #5: Menu Screen

When you first log into PLATO, you will see a menu screen that looks like this:

Plato Menu Option Screen

The default option (the screen that appears first when you log in) is the "Assignments" menu. This is the most important page for PLATO because this is where you will access the different modules and units to complete your PLATO assignments. The menu screen has 6 different options. Below is a list of what each menu option does.


The Home option brings you to the homepage for PLATO. It is not a very important menu option and there are no additional functions that this menu option provides.


The Assignment option is the most important part of the PLATO menu screen. This is also the default screen which means when you first log into PLATO, this will be the screen you see first. This is where you can access your PLATO assignments and complete all your units and modules.


The Reports option is a useful tool. It allows you to create a report that will show all the units you have completed and what units you still need to complete.

Learner Guide

The Learner Guide option is also a useful tool. If you select this option, you will be able to download a PDF version of the guide to using PLATO.


The Help option allows you to access a searchable database that provides assistance if you have any questions or problems. It also provides a list of contact information if you need to contact PLATO Tech support.

Log Out

The Log Out option is very important. When you are finished using PLATO, you must log out using this option. When you log out using this option, all your progress is stored. If you do not do this, you will lose all the work you have completed for that session. Please make sure to always log out using the Log Out option.