Find Your Green Job Today!

SMC's Sustainable Technology Program provides high quality training to prepare students for careers in California's fast growing green economy. The classes in each area provide hands-on experience and current industry updates to ensure graduates are ready to fill the high paying jobs which are being driven by recent state environmental laws and the economic benefits derived from renewable energy, energy efficiency and recycling.

As more cities and businesses develop sustainability policies, there is an increased need for trained staff that can properly manage resources and initiate programs. These programs not only give students the tools to compete in each sector, but the close connections to industry leaders helps to place students in internships and compete for job new openings. 

Whether you want to make it your career, add to your professional skill set, or just satisfy personal interests, these classes give you what you need. 

Certificates in each field can be earned is as little as one semester or Associate Degrees can be earned for those pursuing higher educational goals. Classes are offered in the afternoons and evenings for the convenience of those who work. Each class lasts 8 weeks and requires no pre-requisites.

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Benefits of S​MC Green Certificates

The program is ideal for those individuals that want to:

  • work in the green jobs sector
  • support themselves while seeking a higher education degree
  • make a career change
  • obtain advancement in their current job
  • transfer into a major related to the environment (Geography, Geology, and more!)

Departmental Certificates vs. Degrees and State-Approved Certificates

Departmental Certificates in PV, EE and RRM require fewer than 12 units per program and can often be achieved in one semester. Students can go on to pursue Certificates of Achievement. These require completion of 12 to 19 units for the sustainability certificates.

Transfer students who wish to (also) qualify for an Associates degree should select either the Liberal Arts or General Science major. Additional graduation requirements for the Associates degree from Santa Monica College are listed in the Academics section of the catalog as well as online (www.smc.edu/articulation).

Pre-Requisites and Financial Assistance

These three programs have minimal pre-requisite requirements and students are often eligible for tuition and fees to be paid by third parties (Veterans, Employer Training, and Financial Aid). Transfer-oriented students should check classes against their transfer requirements, as not all career-technical credits are transferable. If possible consider taking these with your electives as these classes help you develop the skills employers will be looking for after graduation.

Qualified applicants may apply for need-based assistance through our financial aid office.

Faculty Contact

Full-Time Faculty
Stuart Cooley MS - PV & EE

Part-Time Faculty
Victoria Charles BA, LEED Green Associate - RRM
Jon Michael Huls BA - RRM
Samuel Sasu PhD - RRM

Program Support
Ferris Kawar BS, LEED AP  - Sustainability Project Manager