• SMC's academic ESL courses will help you succeed in English 1 and other courses to insure your successful graduation from SMC or transfer to a university.

  • SMC's academic ESL courses will help you correct your language errors in order to write and speak more effective English.

  • SMC's ESL professors have special professional training in teaching students whose native language is not English.

  • SMC's academic ESL courses will enable you to study with other ESL students from around the world in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

  • SMC's academic ESL courses are similar to courses you would take at a university like UCLA; these courses are more challenging than high school and adult school ESL classes.

Strengths of the SMC ESL Program


ESL 10, 11A, 11B, 21A, 21B, and 25 are multi-skill writing courses that include a sequential review of grammar points commonly problematic for non-native speakers: Verb Tenses; Sequence of Tenses; Subject/Verb Agreement; Count/Non-Count Nouns;  Article Use;  Pronoun Agreement; Word Forms; and Usage.

We also offer grammar courses.  ESL 16A is a one-unit course recommended for students who need to focus on nouns (count/non count) and articles.  ESL 16B is a one-unit course recommended for students who need to work on verb forms.  ESL 16C is a one-unit course recommended for students who need to work on sentence building and punctuation.  ESL 20A and 20B are grammar workshops that cover a wide range of errors common to non-native speakers.  These courses help students understand grammar better so that they may edit their own writing.

Error analysis as a learning tool helps non-native speakers identify grammatical errors in their own and other students' writing samples. Peer editing affords students the opportunity to correct their own and other students' grammar errors. These techniques are used in all levels.

ESL classes are designed to teach American academic rhetorical style required in American colleges and universities.

Vocabulary and Reading:

Our writing classes include a reading and vocabulary component especially designed to help non-native speakers increase their vocabulary and improve their reading and study skills. Group work gives the necessary practice in speaking and listening.  ESL 17 and ESL 23 focus on improving note-taking and reading skills.  Readings are selected to reflect cultural diversity and are aimed at presenting you with a wide variety of text types.  ESL 28 teaches the academic vocabulary needed to succeed in university and college courses.


Our ESL faculty are experts in language acquisition, second language teaching, and comparative linguistics; all of them speak other languages as well, and many have taught and/or studied abroad.  They are a diverse group of experienced and well-qualified individuals who are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic, professional, and personal language learning goals.