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Do you want to discover new cures for diseases?

Do you like to take things apart and see how they work?  

Do you want to be part of solving today's environmental challenges?

Do you want to discover what is beneath the ground you walk on and who has walked on it before you?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then a major in a STEM field might be right for you!

Find out what the SMC/ UCLA Science and Research Initiative has to offer you!


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There are a variety of majors that fall into STEM, such as Biology, Chemistry, 

Engineering, Geology, Geography, Physical Anthropology and Physics.  


Mathematics is at the core of all STEM majors.


A strong Math background can lead to a variety of careers!


We Use Math - YouTube Video ---> We Use Math - Introduction Video


  • Maximize your possibilities.  STEM majors may attend graduate school, work in a laboratory, teach, become part of the government sector, design buildings, conduct research in foreign countries, and pursue countless other career opportunities.
  • Have an impact on your community and the world!  STEM professionals are constantly making contributions to the world - almost every area of our lives is affected by STEM advancements.
  • Increased job security.  Many of the growing employment opportunities are in STEM related fields. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Commerce projected that between 208 and 2018, STEM occupations will grow 17% (compared to 9.8% for non-STEM fields).
  • Challenge yourself!  Ben innovative and explore areas that are undiscovered and constantly changing.  If you enjoy solving complex problems, thinking outside of the box, learning how things are built, a major in STEM might be right for you.
  • Career satisfaction.  If you are passionate about a STEM field, take classes at SMC to work toward your major and begin your path toward a field you love!
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HOW DOES SMC Support ALL STEM Majors?          Click here for STEM Resources

  • STEM Club (@smcstemclub) or join the SMCSTEMClub on Facebook!


SMC/UCLA Science and Research Initiative

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It is an academic support program designed to help traditionally underrepresented students interested in STEM careers successfully complete their studies at SMC, transfer to a 4 year research orientated baccalaureate program, and enter the STEM workforce.  The program offers participating students with the following:

  • Specialized courses
  • Applied learning experiences, including research opportunities
  • Transfer counseling
  • Student success workshops
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Exposure to careers in STEM fields

Additionally, SMC has partnered with UCLA's Center for Community College Partnerships (CCCP) and the Undergraduate Research Center (URC) to provide students with mentoring, summer bridge programming at UCLA, summer research opportunities and onsite advising. Read more here$5.8-Million-Grant-to-Get-More-Minority-Students-into-Science-Math.aspx


·           Continuing SMC Students
o   Math 20-ready (Intermediate Algebra or higher) by Fall 2015
o   1.5- 2 years of SRI program commitment
o   Recommended cumulative GPA of ~2.8 or higher
o   Planned Fall enrollment in Math and Science courses
·           Incoming SMC Students (Current High School Students)
o   Complete SMC Application  
o   Minimum of 2 years of high school science
o   Math 20-ready (Intermediate Algebra or higher) by Fall 2015
o   Recommended ~3.00 High School GPA
o   Interest in one of the STEM fields
o   Planned Fall enrollment in Math and Science courses

We do not accept students in the Nursing or Respiratory Therapy Programs. For more information about these programs please visit the SMC Home Page


HOW TO APPLY  --   SRI Application Criteria and Information

The SRI Program has a limited number of spots open every year; therefore, we run a competitive application process based on the criteria listed above.



Please fill out an “Interest Card” using the link below it to join the STEM Mailing List. By filling out an interest card, you will also receive notifications about campus-wide STEM events sponsored by the SRI program at SMC.


Interest Card Link

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