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STEM Areas of Interest


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields of study encompass a wide array of majors and careers. These are examples of what the SRI program at SMC considers STEM Majors.



General Science Areas of Interest

Biology (Micro, Molecular, Botany, Zoology)

Pre-Medicine Biology (Anatomy, Physiology)

Neuroscience (Psychology Research)




Physical Geography


Physical Anthropology

Environmental Studies/Science

Solar Energy/Photovoltaic Installation


Technology Majors or Areas of Interest

Computer Programming

Computer Science

Database Application Developer

Web Programmer

Computer Information Systems


Engineering Majors or Areas of Interest

Biological Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Mechanical/Civil/Electrical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Computer Engineering


Mathematics and Statistics Majors

Mathematics Applied/Computational

Mathematics Teaching



 The following programs at SMC are NOT eligible for the SRI/STEM program.


1)      Associates Degree in Nursing:

2)      Respiratory Therapy: