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SMC's journalism classes are great for students who either want a little experience with reporting or those who want to pursue journalis​m as a major and ultimate career. These  classes are also useful for midcareer and older adults pursuing journalism as either a hobby or new career path.

All students should start with Journalism 1: The News, a UC and CSU transfer class that covers the basics of news gathering and writing. Then they can move to more advanced courses including:

  • Journalism 1: The News. This introductory course acquaints the student with journalism techniques with a focus on the newspaper medium, including broadcast and online formats. The course encourages a thoughtful awareness and critical analysis of news reporting.

  • Journalism 8: Writing to Sell. This class is great as either a more advanced feature writing course or as a practical guide for those who want to get started as freelance writers.

  • Journalism 16: Producing the Campus Newspaper. Students who enroll in this class become staff writers for the school newspaper, The Corsair. This 4-unit class can be taken up to three times, so students can return to become editors of the paper. Do you have great ideas for stories and want an outlet to tell them? This class is for you.

  • Journalism 19: Producing the Online Newspaper. Today's journalists need to tell stories using a variety of multimedia content. Students in this class produce digital videos, audio slideshows, blogs, podcasts and other digital content for the Corsair's online news site.

  • Journalism 21: News Photography. This survey course in basic news photography is designed for journalism or photography majors and students interested in having work published in magazines and newspapers. Students learn basic camera and storytelling techniques, photocomposition, and picture layout principles. A 35-mm single-lens reflex camera with manual focus capability is required. Journalism 21 is the same course as Photography 13. Students may earn credit for one, but not both.

  • Journalism 22: Photography for Publication. This advanced course provides an in-depth study of photojournalism with an emphasis on creation of photo story ideas, photo essays and feature photos for publication. Photo editing and layout for newspapers, magazines, and online publishing will be covered. Students will comprise the staff of the campus newspaper, The Corsair, and online publications. This course may be repeated once for credit. A 35-mm single-lens reflex camera with manual focus capability is required. Journalism 22 is the same course as Photography 14. Students may earn credit for one, but not both.