Welcome to the Students Independent Research Internships Page

SIRI is an internship program at NASA-JPL Pasadena, CA intended for community college students.
To get accepted you must visit the SIRI site, and click on "Info for Students".
From there click on the link for Announcements of Opportunity.
These are projects that are open for students to join.
The project director, a JPL scientist, will look at all applicants to SIRI and select the students from that pool.

(SIRI) runs every Fall and Spring.

Deadlines are typically in May for the following Fall, and in November for the following Spring.
To apply to SIRI, you need an account so you can upload your resume and choose 2 AO's (projects) you are interested in.
To get an account download and fill out the application.
The application has details on where to submit.

Eligible students may receive a stipend of up to $2500.
This funding is through a grant that SMC has received and is a limited time opportunity for eligible students only.

SMC students are encouraged to apply as this makes them excellent candidates for the Summer Fellowship program.
See Summer fellowships from the main page www.smc.edu/csis/nasa