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Course Outlines

These course outlines are for information purposes only.  Official outlines are maintained by the Office of Academic Affairs.


ACCTG 1: Accounting 1
ACCTG 2: Accounting 2
ACCTG 6: Accounting Consolidations
ACCTG 7: Advanced Accounting: Special Topics
ACCTG 10A: Intermediate Accounting A
ACCTG 10B: Intermediate Accounting B
ACCTG 10C: Intermediate Accounting C
ACCTG 11: Cost Accounting
ACCTG 12: Auditing
ACCTG 15: Individual Income Taxes
ACCTG 16: Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships, Estates and Trusts
ACCTG 21: Business Bookkeeping
ACCTG 26: Advanced Business Law
ACCTG 31A: Excel for Accounting
ACCTG 31B: Advanced Excel for Accounting
ACCTG 35: Quickbooks
ACCTG 45: Individual Financial Planning


BUS 1: Introduction to Business
BUS 5: Business Law
BUS 6: Advanced Business Law
BUS 20: Principles of Marketing
BUS 21: Merchandising Principles
BUS 22: Introduction to Advertising
BUS 23: Principles of Selling
BUS 26: Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior
BUS 29: Public Relations and Publicity
BUS 31: Business English Fundamentals
BUS 32: Business Communications
BUS 33: Broadcast Advertising
BUS 45: Individual Financial Planning
BUS 46: Introduction to Investments
BUS 47: Personal Finance for Students
BUS 50: Introduction to International Business
BUS 51: Intercultural Business Communication
BUS 52: International Marketing
BUS 53: Importing and Exporting
BUS 63: Principles of Entrepreneurship
BUS 65: Management Principles
BUS 76: Human Resource Management


BUS 80: Principles of Logistics
BUS 81: Transportation Management
BUS 82: Supply Chain Management
BUS 83: Operations Management


BUS 15: Intro to Insurance w/ Code & Ethics
BUS 16: Personal Insurance
BUS 17: Property and Liability Insurance
BUS 18: Commercial Insurance


Auto 40: Automotive Maintenance and Operation
Auto 45: Automotive Braking Systems
Auto 46: Automotive Electrical Systems
Auto 50: Emerging and Alternative Auto Technology