3 Units
Prerequisite:    None

Catalog Description:

This course introduces concepts and techniques related to the design, planning, control, and improvement of manufacturing and service operations. The course examines operations and the coordination of product development, process management, and supply chain management. Students are exposed to topics in the areas of process analysis, materials management, production scheduling, quality management, and product design.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:
1    Describe the various aspects of operations management in relation to both goods and services.
2    Evaluate options and considerations when designing operations.
3    Examine the issues encountered in managing operations.
4    Recognize the quantitative and decision-making tools used in operations management.

Course Content:

5%    Goods, Services, and Operations Management
5%    Value Chains
5%    Operations Strategy
5%    Technology and Operations Management
5%    Goods and Services Design
5%    Process Selection, Design, and Analysis
5%    Facility and Work Design
5%    Location Strategies
5%    Layout Strategies
5%    Designing the Supply and Value Chain
5%    Capacity Management
5%    Forecasting and Demand Planning
5%    Inventory Management
5%    Resource Management
5%    Operational Scheduling and Sequencing
5%    Material Requirements Planning
5%    Just-in-time and Lean Productions
5%    Quality Management and Control
5%    Project Management
    Human Resources
5%    Decision-Making Tools, Linear Programming, Queuing, Learning Curves, Simulation, Decision Analysis

Student Learning Outcome(s):
1.    Solve a problem in operations management, such as evaluating a facility and work space.
As assessed by: assignment

2.    Identify the application for a decision-making tool in operations management, such as MRP.
As assessed by: exam and/or assignment.