3 Units
Prerequisite:    None

Catalog Description:

This course provides an overview of how firms use distribution intermediaries to gain a competitive advantage in local and global markets through the integration of logistics and supply chain management.   The management of the physical flow of products and information throughout the entire supply chain is examined, including physical distribution, transportation, warehousing, customer service, materials management, third-party and global logistics, systems planning, and operations and management of the supply chain.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:
1    Recognize the importance of logistics and supply chain management in delivering goods and services to the end user.
2    Identify the participants and pathways available in logistics planning.
3    Describe the key decisions involved in managing logistics and the supply chain.
4    Relate logistics principles to functional areas of business.

Course Content:

8%    Logistics Strategy and the Supply Chain
7%    The Supply Chain Management Concept
7%    Operations Management
6%    Logistics and Information Technology
6%    Demand Management, Order Processing and Customer Service
6%    Packaging and Materials Handling
6%    Transportation Fundamentals
6%    Transportation Management
6%    Distribution Center, Warehouse, and Facility Location
6%    Inventory Management
6%    Procurement and Supply Scheduling Decisions
6%    Warehousing Management
8%    International Logistics
6%    Logistics Systems Controls
6%    Organizing and Analyzing Logistics Systems
4%    Future Directions and Prospects

Student Learning Outcome(s):
1.    Solve a problem in logistics management, such as transport and vehicle routing decisions, purchasing and supply scheduling decisions, or storage and handling decisions.
As assessed by: Project

2.    Identify and evaluate logistics service providers, such as freight forwarders, customs brokers, etc. in a selected geographic area.
As assessed by: Assignments and Project