3 Units
Prerequisite: NONE

Catalog Description:

In this course, students will learn the basics of commercial insurance. It covers commercial property insurance, business income insurance, commercial crime insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, inland and ocean marine insurance, commercial general liability insurance, commercial automobile insurance and miscellaneous commercial insurance coverage.
Course Objectives:

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:
A.    define commercial insurance and commercial insurance policies;
B.    explain policies providing commercial property coverage, building and personal property coverage forms, fluctuating vales insurance and blanket insurance;
C.    describe cause-of-loss forms, other commercial property coverage forms, endorsements, commercial property conditions and rating commercial property coverage;
D.    explain equipment breakdown insurance, including insuring agreements, exclusions, limits of insurance, and conditions;
E.    explain business income loss exposure, business income coverage forms, other related forms and endorsements, and rating business income coverage;
F.    describe commercial crime insurance as it relates to the ISO commercial crime program and financial institution bonds;
G.    describe the development of inland and ocean marine insurance, inland marine exposures and insurance and ocean marine exposures and insurance;
H.    explain liability loss exposures, commercial general liability insurance including insured party(is), limits of insurance, CGL conditions, Claims-made CGL coverage form, CGL endorsements, rating CGL coverage and miscellaneous liability coverage forms;
I.    describe commercial automobile insurance as it relates to automobile loss exposures, business automobile coverage forms, garage coverage forms, motor carrier coverage forms and the rating of commercial automobile insurance;
J.    define business owners policies and farm insurance;
K.    explain workers compensation and employers liability insurance
L.    describe miscellaneous coverage for express and umbrella liability insurance, professional liability insurance, aircraft insurance, environmental insurance, coverage for foreign operations and surety bonds.
Course Content:

3%    Commercial Insurance Defined
8.8%    Commercial Property Coverage
9%    Commercial Property Forms & Endorsements
8.8%    Equipment Breakdown Coverage
8.8%    Business Loss of Income Insurance
8.8%    Commercial Crime Insurance
8.8%    Inland and Ocean Marine Insurance
8.8%    Commercial Liability Loss Exposure and Coverage
8.8%    Commercial Automobile Insurance
8.8%    Business Owners & Farm Policies
8.8%    Workers Compensation and Employers Liabilty Insurance
8.8%    Miscellaneous Business Insurance