3 Units
Advisory: Auto 40 or equivalent

Catalog Description:

This course covers basic electricity and automotive electrical systems such as battery, starting, charging, and electronic ignition. Test equipment and computer systems will also be covered.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

A.    Make parallel and series circuits
B.    Perform basic tests with a DVOM
C.    Install an ammeter in series and measure electrical flow
D.    Perform battery capacity test and diagnose battery condition
E.    Disassemble, test, and reassemble a relay
F.    Perform starter draw tests using induction ammeter
G.    Perform an alternator output test and diagnose a charging system
H.    Set base timing on an electronic ignition system
I.    Demonstrate an understanding of different semiconductor functions within a circuit
J.    Measure input/output voltages on an electronic ignition system
K.    Test resistance for engine control inputs and outputs
L.    Use handheld scan tools to interface with onboard computers
M    Use a lab scope to test input and output computer data

Course Content:

5%    Safety/shop practice
15%    Introduction to electricity:  Meter usage and wiring repair procedures
5%    Storage battery
10%    Starter motors and schematics
10%    Generator charging systems
10%    Ignition systems
10%    Advanced semiconductors
10%    Electronic ignition
15%    Computer systems
10%    Alternate power sources