3 Units
Advisory: Auto 40 or equivalent

Catalog Description:

This is a theoretical and practical course in automotive braking systems. It includes operating principles, component description, diagnosis, and service. Brake service includes antilock braking systems.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
A.    Restate program goals, grading, and safety procedures
B.    Identify hazardous waste materials in accordance with state and federal regulations and follow proper handling procedures
C.    List the parts and terms for disc and drum brakes
D.    Describe the construction of drum brake shoes and disc brake pads
E.    List the types of brake fluid
F.    Describe the process of troubleshooting master cylinders and related hydraulic components
G.    List the testing procedures used to diagnose hydraulic valves
H.    Demonstrate how to manually bleed the hydraulic brake system
I.    List the installation and adjustment procedures for front wheel bearings
J.    Disassemble and reassemble a drum brake assembly
K.    Disassemble and reassemble a disc brake assembly
L.    Demonstrate how to adjust a parking brake assembly
M.    Demonstrate how to machine a brake drum and rotor correctly
N.    Explain how to test a vacuum brake booster
O.    Describe the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance
P.    Discuss the methods and tools needed to diagnose an ABS-equipped vehicle
Q.    Describe the operation of regenerative brakes used on a hybrid-powered vehicle

Course Content:

7%       Introduction/class procedures/shop safety
5%       Environmental and hazardous materials
6%       Braking system components and principles
6%       Brake linings and pads
5%       Brake fluid and lines
6%       Hydraulic principles and master cylinders
5%       Hydraulic valves and switches
5%       Brake bleeding methods and procedures
5%       Wheel bearings and service
5%       Drum brake operation and service
6%       Disc brake operation and service
4%       Parking brake operation and service
6%       Machining brake drums and rotors
6%       Power brake operation and service
6%       Brake system electrical fundamentals
7%       Antilock brake systems operation and service
3%       Regenerative brake systems
3%      Ceramic brake pads
4%      Traction control