About the Administration of Justice Program (Criminal Justice)

Pursue Your Passion for Criminal Law, Launch an Administration of Justice Career

Santa Monica College’s administration of justice program prepares students for careers in local, state and federal law enforcement; security; and courtroom operations. Our courses familiarize you with the American justice system. Learn about crime causes, the role of administration of justice practitioners, the role of law enforcement, evidence procedures, juvenile procedures, and criminal law. Apply principles of the justice system; constitutional and procedural considerations affecting an arrest, and search and seizure; human relations; and concepts of criminal law.

Students completing this program will be prepared to transfer and major in criminal justice. Start and grow in your career in administration of justice and criminal law, and access a broad range of job opportunities.

Degrees and Certificates

Associate in Science Degree for Transfer Icon Associate in Science - Transfer More information on the Associate in Science - Transfer

Prepare yourself to transfer into an upper-division baccalaureate program at a California State University (CSU).

If you are considering a transfer to a UC, private, or out-of-state university, please consult a counselor before applying to transfer, as that institution’s transfer requirements might be different from those required for the AS-T.

Estimated Timeline:
2+ years, 60 units

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Associate in Science for Transfer - Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice)Associate in Science for Transfer Icon

18 units + General Education Requirements

This AS-T degree is geared toward students who want to transfer into an upper-division baccalaureate program at a California State University (CSU). This degree will prepare you for an entry-level position as a police officer, police assistant, community service officer, or a police reserve officer. Other options include positions in private security, parole, or federal law enforcement agencies.

You will be educated in critical thinking and communication skills, as well as the concepts of criminal law and the fundamentals of administration of justice.

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Potential Career Options

Job Title Typical Education Median Wage
Emergency Management DirectorsBachelor's Degree$119,482
Compliance ManagersBachelor's Degree$73,215
Security ManagersBachelor's Degree$73,215
Loss Prevention ManagersBachelor's Degree$73,215
Labor Relations SpecialistsBachelor's Degree$83,518
Security Management SpecialistsBachelor's Degree$86,878
First-Line Supervisors of Police and DetectivesHigh School Diploma or More
Police DetectivesHigh School Diploma or More$122,658
Police Identification and Records OfficersHigh School Diploma or More$122,658
Sheriffs and Deputy SheriffsHigh School Diploma or More$103,646
Police, Fire, and Ambulance DispatchersHigh School Diploma or More$62,069