The Art Department of Santa Monica College offers an extensive and very well-received program in Studio Art, Art History and Design. The primary mission of our program is to prepare students for upper division study at a four-year, two-year, university or art school and/or to earn an Associate of Arts degree. Secondary objectives include portfolio preparation for students seeking admission to the Arts and Entertainment Academy and other two-year vocational training programs.

We are well known as one of the best foundation art programs in the state, and our students are regularly recruited and given scholarships by the most prominent art schools in the country. These include Cal Arts, Art Center College of Art and Design, San Francisco Art Institute, the Chicago Art Institute, Rhode Island College of Art and Design and the California College of Arts and Crafts.

Career Options

There are a large variety of career opportunities in the Fine Arts, Art History, Design and Illustration including Fine Artists, gallery owners and managers, curators, installers, web and digital artists, art critics and all Sciences requiring art materials backgrounds (eg. Ceramic and Glass engineering).

Art History: career opportunities include: museum-related careers such as museum curators, installers, restorers, archivists, librarians, registrars, Art acquisitions and loans, Art Law, etc.

Design: careers in all media, such as web design, environmental design, entertainment design, product design, graphic design, architectural design, and illustration for all media. Other career options could be an advertising artist, art administrator, furniture designer, courtroom sketcher, medical illustrator, animator, and toy designer.

Some organizations that typically employ art majors include studios, museums, auction houses, art councils, educational institutions, hospitals, interior design departments, advertising agencies and film, and media productions companies.