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Workforce Events

​Event ​Description ​Date
KCRW Video Project ​Exclusively for SMC Students and Alumni, KCRW wants to give you a chance to experience what it's like to work as a filmmaker-for-hire. Scholarships of $500, $1000, and $1500 sponsored by the Santa Monica College Foundation. Come to our information session on March 20.  To RSVP click here. ​March 20, 2014
​Green Tech & Sustainable Stewards Join community and industry leaders in the green and sustainable fields as they share cutting edge insights on monetizing green and sustainable programs while hamessing the collective power of community to become better stewards of our planet. February 28,2013
​Fall Counselor Day Come join SMC's CTE leaders in discussing the latest CTE programs provided by SMC.  Choose from several workshops in Nursing lab simulation, Nursing Careers, Medical Lab Technician, STEM, and Career Coach. ​October 12, 2012

Industry Innovators: Medical Technologies & Health Services

​Join business and industry leaders in the medical technology and health industries as they share cutting edge insights on the future of healthcare. Learn how to stay relevant or break through with your current offerings by discovering the latest trends and opportunities

​October 11, 2012

Industry Innovators Digital Entertainment Mobile Media

​Join business and industry leaders in the digital entertainment and mobile media fields as they share cutting edge insights on monetizing digital entertainment. Discuss new and future business models for mobile media across platforms and gain the skill-sets need to stay relevant and thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. ​July 19, 2012
Spring Counselor Day ​Come join SMC staff as they present on Career Pathways in areas such as Nursing, Accounting, Medical Lab Technician, Early Childhood Education, Respiratory Therapy, Education/Teaching, and Recyling and Resource Management. Use these resources to better inform your high school students. ​July 20, 2011
Green Business Certification Launch ​The Small Business Development Center at Santa Monica College invites business owners from all over Los Angeles to join our community's green business leaders for an evening of food and discussion. Learn the basics of greening your business and discover the many benefits that come with it. ​June 23, 2011
Teacher-Student Collaboration: Tales from a Transfer Student Come here about Michele Serros's life as a community college student and how she became who she is today. ​For SMC Facutly, students, and Community Partners ​March 25, 2011

​Career Opportunities in Digital Entertainment

​This is a vital, must-attend event for anyone looking to learn first hand from leading executives making hiring decisions at the top entertainment companies. Get the insights you need to present yourself in the best possible manner to hiring managers, learn what skills and experience they're looking for, and how to get that dream job in digital entertainment. ​December 2, 2010
​Understanding Analytics in a Data Driven World ​Join Los Angeles Industry Executives as they cover emerging industry best practices, new and future business models, and the impact this evolving industry will have on Omniture, IBM, comScore, and EMANIO ​June 3, 2010
Product Placement, and Sponsorship Integration ​Join Los Angeles Entertainment and Market Research Industry Executives as they share cutting edge insights on product placement and sponsorship integration strategies in a media fragmented world with multi-tasking audiences across platforms. May 27, 2010
Google Apps for Educators ​Rushton Hurley presents Google Search, Docs, Sites, Maps. Learn to edit your documents from any computer or smart phone, and share you work in real time. ​May 6, 2010
​​Digital Entertainment: Advertising, Distribution, and the Consumer​​ ​Join Los Angeles Industry and Business Executives as they share cutting edge insights on monetizing digital entertainment, discuss new and future business models for digital media across platforms and the impact this evolving industry will have our future workforce. ​​May 5, 2010
​​The Mobile Economy: Apps, Entertainment, Marketing and the Consumer ​Come learn the insights business and industry executives have on the opportunities the mobile economy provides entrepreneurs, small business, and corporate American when 58% of Americans had a smart phone with access to apps and entertainment in 2009. Industry experts will discuss successful business models and product development strategies for the mobile platform as well as the impact of this industry will have on our future workforce ​​March 3, 2010