State-Subsidized Employee Training for California Based Businesses

Training your workforce is an essential part of doing business.  Your employees are your biggest assets, but without a strategy for workforce development, they may not be utilized to their full potential, and therefore, not contribute to the growth and prosperity of your business.

There are state sponsored programs whose sole purpose is to help employers receive the best training available to ensure that their business is competitive in the marketplace.  This in turn helps California maintain a healthy economy with an educated and readily available workforce to meet the needs of the 21st Century.

Santa Monica College (SMC) is contracted by the State of California to provide such training, FREE OF COST,  to employers whose payroll is paid and reported in California, and meet other eligibility requirements.

Employers are encouraged to inquire about our various training platforms and offerings:

  1. Employers may select from the courses listed in our current PDF FileBusiness and Professional Training Catalog.
  2. Employers may tailor existing courses in content and length to respond to the business’ needs.
  3. Employers may inquire as to whether our State-funded program can subsidize training programs that the business is currently delivering.

PDF FileETP Press Release

For more information regarding companies we've served and all other inquiries, please contact the Office of Workforce & Economic Development at (310) 434-4199 or