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KCRW Video Project

KCRW Video Project

This project is exclusively for Santa Monica College Students, and Alumni - courtesy of Tongal and Santa Monica College Foundation.


KCRW wants to give SMC Students and Alumni a chance to experience what it's like to work as a filmmaker-for-hire meeting the content needs of an established brand using Tongal. Tongal is an online content creation platform that pairs talented creatives (YOU) with established brands and companies in need of content (KCRW).


What: Create a powerful and engaging 60-second video inspired by KCRW's provided Media Kit using the Tongal platform.

Prize: SMC Foundation Scholarships of $500, $1000, and $1500.



Target Audience
(The people who will be watching this video)
The primary audience is potential KCRW sponsors: the people and organizations that fund public radio. The secondary audience is advertising agencies that represent potential sponsors.
Executional Mandatories
(Must be taken into consideration when creating your video)
-Avoid anything that feels too youthful – KCRW’s audience is sophisticated and hip, but not comprised of teens
-Not too product-centric – don’t show competing products together.
(The attitude you are trying to convey)
Human, sophisticated, creative, inspiring, cool, and transformational.
(Where these videos could be used)
Events, KCRW’s digital channels, and various sales opportunities




KCRW - Connect with LA's Creative Class, the people who inspire Los Angeles and the world.

KCRW is multi-platform (radio, web, mobile, app, and events).

KCRW is a Cultural Tastemaker.

KCRW's audience is highly engaged with their platform.

KCRW's audience is loyal, affluent, and eager to interact with their platform.

KCRW offers many live events for their audience to engage face-to-face with their platform and their audience is always eager to do so. This is a unique point that most other platforms cannot deliver.


For more information call (310) 434-4199