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Santa Monica College|Academic Affairs|Sustainability at SMC|Green Faculty, Classes and Degrees at SMC

Green Faculty, Classes and Degrees at SMC


These faculty have embedded principles of ecological literacy and sustainability into a variety of general education courses. Look for their name and / or the sustainability flag under their sections in the class schedule to develop your own ecological literacy!

Faculty Member Discipline
Gillian Grebler Anthropology
Garen Baghadsarian Biology / Marine Science
Elizabeth Jordan Biology
Ben Kay Biology
Poliana Raymer Biology
Marci Spiegler Biology
Alexandra Tower Biology / Botany
Christina von der Ohe Biology
Sharani McLaughlin Biology
Laura Manson Early Childhood Education
Shelia Laffey Film Studies
Cara Thompson Geology / Oceanography
Daniele Bolelli History
Christina Ghanbarpour History
Amber Katherine Philosophy
Stuart Cooley Photovoltaic / Renewable Energy
Eric Oifer Political Science
David Phillips Psychology
Alex Schwartz Psychology
Victoria Charles Recycling and Resource Management

Sustainability Focused Courses

Sustainability focused courses map to ILO #4 and are included in a degree in Environmental Studies or Environmental Science.

  • Environmental Politics (Pol Sc 22)

  • Environmental Ethics (Philo 20)

  • Environmental Psychology (Psych 40)

  • Global Environmental History (Hist 14)

  • Environmental Studies (Geog 7)

  • Environmental Biology (Bio 9)

  • Recycling and Resource Management (RRM 1)


Stop by the Center for Environmental and Urban Studies to find out more about environmental internships. You can intern at the CEUS or find more information on local businesses and organizations offering environmental internships. The Career Services Center facilitates internships, including the ones offered at the CEUS.

Associate Degrees and Certificate of Achievements