Dr. Karen S. Gunn is a psychologist with over thirty years of experience working as a consultant and trainer in the public and private sectors. Her expertise lies in organizational, management and program development with an emphasis on human resources, leadership, cross-cultural and diversity issues. She is an active practitioner and contributor in the areas of market and qualitative research, needs assessment, interpersonal communication, human relations and community development.

Dr. Gunn is highly regarded as a facilitator, trainer and educator. Recent publications include “African/African-American Report: Community Voices for Mental Health Resources” (2011) and “Life Links: A Resource Listing for residents of South Los Angeles County” (2011). In addition to her work as a consultant, Dr. Gunn has been a tenured faculty member in the Psychology Department at Santa Monica College (Santa Monica, CA.) for over twenty years. She has authored publications on cultural competency, professional and educational issues, market research and community needs. Dr. Gunn’s work has been recognized by elected local and state officials, community, professional and volunteer groups and noted in numerous national publications.​​