​​​​​​​​Steps to Enroll in Noncredit ESL Classes

You can register anytime during the semester. As long as the class is open (Open Entry/Open Exit)​​

  1. Complete the Registration form below:

    PDF FileRegistration Form

  2. Send the completed registration form by email to noncreditregistration@smc.edu

  3. The noncredit office will email you with your SMC ​​​student ID number (which you will need in order to complete Step #4 below)

  4. Complete the Online Orientation.​

    Launch the Online Noncredit Orientation

  5. Meet with the counselor by phone or Zoom to discuss your Student Education Plan.

    • To book an appointment visit: https://smcnoncredit.youcanbook.me
    • Select the time and day you want to make an appointment
    • Fill out your contact information and click confirm booking​
  6. The Noncredit Office will enroll you in your appropriate class(es).

Current Noncredit ESL Class Schedule: esl-summer-2020-schedule.pdf

Steps to Enroll in Noncredit Certificate Prog​rams

  1. ​Students only enrolled in Noncredit courses may ​​enroll in Noncredit Vocational Certificate courses/programs by emailing noncreditregistration@smc.edu.
  2. Students enrolled in both credit and noncredit courses may enroll in Noncredit Vocational Certificate courses/programs by emailing noncreditregistration@smc.edu or by logging into Corsair Connect​.
Current Noncredit CTE Class Schedule: summer-2020-certificates.pdf

Location & Contact

SMC Bundy Campus
Noncredit Initiatives
3171 Bundy Drive, Room 112
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 434-3399

Services are temporarily only ​offered remotely


Program Policies


  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Does not hold an F-1 visa.

Fees & Financial Aid

  • SMC noncredit classes are free!
  • You may be asked to pay for textbooks, materials, and supplies that you will need to succeed in your class. 
  • There is no financial aid available for noncredit courses, books or supplies.
  • Other fee's that are optional may include: Student representation fee ($2), ASB membership fee ($19.50), or the student health fee ($18).

Grades & Transfer Credit

  • You will receieve progress indicator pass/no pass grades for noncredit courses taken; students must recieve a "pass" for required courses in order to earn a noncredit certificate.
  • Noncredit courses do not transfer to another school, but they help prepare you to take credit college courses.