Searching the Web

Academic Research Using the Web
Searching the web, evaluating resources, the research paper, citation guides and more.

Finding Information on the Internet: a Tutorial
By the staff of the UC Berkeley Library.

Search Engines and Evaluating Resources

Five Criteria for Evaluating Web pages
From "Teaching undergrads WEB evaluation: A guide for library instruction." by Jim Kapoun. C&RL News (July/August 1998): 522-523.

Internet Detective
An interactive tutorial on evaluating the quality of Internet resources.

Lessons Learned: Exemplary Practices in Teaching Web Evaluation (New Mexico State University)

Evaluation of information sources
Pointers to criteria for evaluating information resources, particularly those on the Internet.

The Research Paper

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Discovering what to write. Organizing your writing. Revising your writing. Editing your writing. Writing informal essays. Writing thesis/suport essays. Writing argumentative essays. Documenting your sources.

Principles of Composition
Overcoming Writer's Block. Freewriting. Clustering. Outlining. Writing with a Sense of Purpose. Tone: A Matter of Attitude. Maintaining Objectivity. Using Concrete, Specific Language. Using Unbiased Language. Building a Better Vocabulary. Avoiding Plagiarism. Being Logical. Formatting Your Paper. The Editing Process. The Computer as Writing Assistant. The Deadly Sins. Checklist. Proofreading. Symbols and Abbreviations.

Citation Guides

Karla's Guide to Citation Guides

Documentation Guide -- Turabian (PDF)

Electronic Reference Formats Recommended by the APA

Using the Web for Teaching

Research Tips (Delta College)