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SMC|Academic Affairs|Emeritus|How to Enroll or Add Classes at Emeritus College

How to Enroll or Add Classes at Emeritus College


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Continuing students receive a letter in the mail, giving the appointment date and time for their registration and enrollment.  A student’s best option to successfully enroll/add a class is to use the online enrollment/add process.  Students who enroll during their online appointment date/time have the best chance of adding the classes which they want. 

Students who choose to use a paper enrollment/add form may drop them off in the first floor office or mail it to Emeritus College.  Paper enrollment requests are processed after the initial online enrollment period has been completed. 

To proceed to the online enrollment page, select Corsair Connect in the menu on the left side of this page.  Please have your student ID number and password available.


Do you need help with the computer?  Sometimes we all could use a little help.


If you are not familiar with using a computer and would like assistance with online enrollment, use our mini lab, located on the second floor of Emeritus College in room 209.  During online enrollment week, the mini-lab will be open every day.  We will happily assist you with the online enrollment/add process. 


Comments from students, their thoughts on using the mini lab:

94 year old student

"I thought using the computer would be difficult, but it wasn't.  I went to the lab and Rosemarie (the volunteer) helped me use the computer and helped me with enrolling; I got into all of my classes!"


84 year old student

"I used the computer to enroll before but I forgot some things.  The person in the lab helped me to follow the steps. After that, I could do it myself and got into most of my classes.  It is better than when I would mail in my registration. 


80 something student

"Thank you to volunteer lady, she helped me.  She helped me get classes."     


If you would like a copy of instructions and tips for online enrollment, please select Emeritus Enrollment Instructions in the menu on the left side of this page.