1900 Pico Boulevard • Santa Monica, CA • 90405
Room: Media 104
(Bottom Floor of New Pearl Street Media and IT Building - Eastern End)
Main Phone Line
General Email: TheCenter@smc.edu

The Center For Teaching Excellence Team
Edna Chavarry, M.A., J.D.
Director, Academic Affairs Initiatives
Direct Line: 310-434-8719
Administrative Assistant I
(Contact for inquiries regarding use of M104)
Direct Line: 310-434-8717
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The Center For Teaching Excellence - Past Faculty Leaders

The Following SMC Faculty Helped Establish, Shape, and Guide The Center for Teaching Excellence:

Shannon Herbert - English

Jamar London - Mathematics

Ming Lu - Accounting

Josh Sanseri - Photography and Fashion

Christine Schultz - Philosophy and Social Science

Odemaris Valdivia - Computer Science and Information Systems

Eve Adler - Health Sciences

Stuart Cooley - Earth Science 

Keith Graziadei - ESL

Laura Manson - Education/ECE

Kevin Menton - English

Steve Paik - Physical Science

Wendy Parise - Education/ECE

John Quevedo - Mathematics