Message from the President

As the academic year of 2015-2016 moves forward, I extend my best wishes to all of you for a good spring and summer.

The SMC Associates remains strong and thriving as we continue to sponsor a number of stimulating events and speakers on campus. Your ongoing support lets us give the students that margin of excellence that enriches their college experience and allows them new windows on the larger world. And you are always welcome to attend!

Continue to join us for a variety of events that entertain you, inform you, and make you think. Bring friends and family and take advantage of these many opportunities to experience the richness of Santa Monica College.

You can also find more pictures and discussion on our facebook page.

We will look forward to seeing at our upcoming events please make sure to check out our schedule and our facebook page for upcoming events.

Thank you for being a supporter of the SMC Associates. Together we do make a difference.

Warm Regards,

Damian Valdivia
President, SMC Associates