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Santa Monica College|Administration & College Governance|Management Association|Who We Are

Who We Are

Management Association Officers, 2013-2014

Greg Brown, President
Lisa Rose, Secretary
Letty Kilian, Treasurer

Management Association Steering Committee/Liaisons

Greg Brown and Katharine Muller
M.A. Representatives on District Planning and Advisory Council (DPAC)
Laurie McQuay-Peninger
M.A. Representative on DPAC Budget Planning Subcommittee
Kiersten Elliott and Judy Neveau
M.A. Representatives on Professional Development Committee
Al Vasquez
M.A. Representative on Health Benefits Committee
Erica LeBlanc, Katharine Muller, Bob Dammer and Brenda Benson (rotating)
Liaisons to Personnel Commission meetings
Erica LeBlanc and Genevieve Bertone
Liaisons to Sustainable Garden Plot
Helen Porter                                                     
M.A. Website Coordinator

Past Management Association Presidents

Brenda Benson, 2012-13
Judy Neveau, 2011-2012
Al Vasquez, 2010-2011
Erica LeBlanc, 2009-2010
Kiersten Elliott, 2008-2009
Mona Martin, 2007-2008