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Santa Monica College|Administration & College Governance|District Planning & Policies|Facilities Planning Subcommittee

Facilities Planning Subcommittee

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of selected months, 2-3:30 p.m.

Most meetings are held in Gym 223 (the "Skybox").


 Duties of the Facilities Planning Subcommittee

  • Participate in the process for the preparation of various District facilities related documents, such as the facilities section of the Master Plan for Education, the Facilities Master Plan, the Five-Year Construction Plan submitted to the Chancellor's Office.
  • Factor into planning the impact of local funds available, state funding criteria, space allocation formulas, facility utilization standards, capacity/load ratios, enrollment forecasts, and the inventory of existing facilities.
  • Review the documents used in facilities planning.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of funding/staffing for facilities, including new construction, remodels, maintenance, grounds, and campus operations.
 Approved: 5/11/2005; Revised 6/22/06, 8/06, 7/07, 10/10, 1/13/10, 9/14/11, 10/13


MEMBERSHIP 2015​ ​ ​ ​
​Faculty Classified​ Students​
Greg Brown, Co-Chair
Reggie Ellis
Linda Sullivan​
Judith Marasco
David Javelosa
Catherine Matheson
Alicia Villalpando
Lee Peterson
Jim Galligan
Craig Walter
Martha Romano
Amber Winter (or designee)


Date​ Agenda​ With Record of Previous Meeting Actions ​Special Notes (if any)
​ November 12, 2015 ​
October 22, 2015
 Special location: BUS 111​
October 08, 2015​

September 24, 2015​

DPAC Facilities Planning meeting agenda 24 sept 2015.pdf
September 10, 2015​ DPAC Facilities Planning meeting agenda 10 sept 2015.pdf
October 15, 2008 Agenda